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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kerala Style Curry Leaf Rice (Flavoured Rice Dishes)

Today i made 3 varieties of rice,Lemon,Curry Leaf and Tomato Rice for Homemade Kerala Veg Thali

This dish tastes best when the rice is cooked a few hours before,so cook your rice in the morning if your having this for lunch.

Mostly Curry Leaf Rice is made during gatherings for pujas and festivals.

Most of you also know the Health uses of Curry Leaf.So why not incorporate it in rice for a healthy dish.

Here is the recipe for Tasty Curry Leaf Rice
Temper mustard seeds,curry leaf and hing ,then add in chopped garlic and shallots,cook till soft,now add in the curry leaf pwd to taste and some salt.

Cook for 1 min and add cooked rice..Lightly toss in and your done ! Serve Hot

Curry Leaf Flavoured Rice is best eaten with papad and pickle.

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