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Cooking videos in here
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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tomato and Chickpea Pancake | Besani Tamatar Chilla | Besan ka Chilla

There are many different kinds of chilla recipes,some are even made of mong daal and rice..But the tastiest chilla is made of besan(gram flour),today i will show you how i make a besan chilla ,i keep it simple and have it with chutney and yogurt...Perfect for breakfast or evening snack !

Serve with yogurt and green chutney

for the chilla
corriander leaves
green chili
onions chopped

gram flour
chili pwd
cumin pwd

tomato chopped

mix everything adding water
do not make the batter very loose
also add salt to taste

pour the batter on a hot pan

cook on both sides...
light brown is how it should be

but i like it dark brown and crispy...

serve hot !
goes great with ketchup too !

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Clear Chicken Broth / Soup | Murg Shorba Recipe | Magical Chicken Broth

Err i got a fever,and all i wanted was soup,so i  made some Clear Soup to make me feel cosy and warm..
And guess what i got a lil better after having a bowl of kidding !

Clear Chicken Broth does have magical powers !

Try this recipe to go in the ultimate comfort mode !

sip slowly ...and see the magic

for me!

all you need is
pepper corns
corriander seeds
and cloves (forgot to show it in the pic)

1 chicken breast

in a sauce pan add 4 cups water
add in all the ingrediants ,also add salt to taste

boil it till it reduces to 2 cups,keep a low flame

after the soup reduces,check if the chicken is cooked
and then remove it and shread it

strain the soup

we have 2 cups here

to serve,in a bowl add in the shreaded chicken
and pour the clear soup,you may also add powdered pepper

i sprinkle some corriander leaves...but thats optional !

Kadhi Pakore / Kadi Pakora (Onion Fritters In Yogurt Sauce)

I'v grown up eating kadhi (yogurt and chickpea sauce), kichidi and a great veg dish on most tuesdays,tuesday is the official veg day in my family.

We follow the same in dubai too...But hey its not the same kadhi all the time,i keep changing the recipe,just depends on what i feel like adding.
Today it is Peanut Kadhi / Kadi with Onion Methi Pakoras/Pakore.

So if you wish to make a very tasty Kadhi Pakore dish then try this recipe.
creamy kadhi with pakoras
can be served as a snack
Once you master the basic way of making Kadhi / Kadi you can add any kind of fritter of your choice.
Kadhi tastes best if the yogurt is a bit sour.Have fun making this.
onion for tempering
green chili
yogurt 1/2 cup
2 tsp gram flour

blend green chili,gram flour ,salt and yogurt adding a bit of water

boil this smoothie adding sugar and salt for 10 min on low heat

to temper
in ghee,fry peanuts,keep the skin on

add onions,cloves,cumin and hing

add it to the smoothie mix, and cover with a lid

for pakoras
onion,garlic and 1 tsp fenugreek leaves chopped

for batter gram flour,cumin asafotida and salt
mix the onions and the rest in the gramflour mix

fry ..keep the pakoras small

add it to the kadhi

let it stay in for 5 min,to soak in a bit

serve as a side dish...
goes best with kichidi and mix veg..
dont forget the ghee for the kichidi !

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mix Veg Sabzi with Sesame Seeds | Gujarati Mix Veg Shaak

I can assure you this dish is full of different flavours,and that means there are lots of ingredients needed,but its totally worth it so plz don't ignore this recipe give it a shot...

This dish is a perfect blend of Sweet Salty and Spicy !
What a great way to eat all your veggies ! This one is a must try ...

Gujarati Mix Veg with Kichidi and Kadhi is the perfect combination.

looks ok?

sesame seeds give it a great crunch

potatoes cut in big chunks
coconut for garnish
coriander leaves

green chili

for paste
green chili paste
ginger garlic paste
brown sugar(yes its imp)
garam masala
red chili
salt 1 pinch

in a bowl mix the spices with ginger garlic and green chili paste

marinate the potatoes for 15min in this paste
also the toss the veg mix in a lil paste

temper the cumin ,green chili and ajwain

mix all the veg and saute for 5 min...add salt

brown a bit,then add water ...
cover and cook  till soft

let the water dry up completely ...
the veggies must be soft...add corriander leaves and toss
sprinkle seasme seeds and coconut

take a bite...

hope u all try !

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Orange Cake in a Microwave | Orange Microwave Cake Recipe

I couldnt get enough of the lemon cake in a mircrowave, so i tried an orange cake ,and it was superb,now i dont take credit for it,the recipe is so damn easy,any one can do it !This cake was more spongy than the lemon cake.. I loved it !
lets start baking !

I followed the same recipe of the lemon cake ,if you missed it check this link
and plz check out the you tube video to see me do it !

cut big pieces....meow's

more spongy than the lemon cake...mmmmm

follow the same recipe,but instead of lemon rind you add orange rind
and squeeze a bit of the orange juice in

for bittu....

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