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Friday, 20 July 2012

Creamy Chicken Malai Kebab | Ramadan Chicken Recipes

Ramadan has started today and i wish you all a Happy Ramadan 2102
Today's recipe is Chicken Malai Kebab.

Its mild and very easy to make,it will be perfect for your Ramadan Menu.

you need
chicken mince
ginger/garlic 2 tsp
small onion
green chili 2/3
coriander leaf
pepper crushed
- blend all these till well combined

cream 1 tsp
 1 egg to bind
2/3 tsp crushed fresh bread powder 
salt to taste
grated cheese 2 tsp

- Mix all these ingredients with the chicken mince mixture
make any shape of your choice and keep in the fridge to set for 15 min.
then dust with corn flour

Then Shallow fry the chicken kebabs till light brown and serve hot !

Serve this for your Ramadan 2012 Menu and impress your guests,they will love it.
Once again Happy Ramadan 2012 to all my readers.

Sending this to Zaiqa for the Hydrabadi Ramadan Food Festival


  1. Hey Amrita,

    Your food always looks so tasty and totally inspiring…......Im surely going to try out this recipe
    and share it to my friends.

    Why don't you participate in Nestle Ramadan contest @ http://

    They are giving out loads of prizes for the winner….You should check it out!!!

  2. Hmmm that looks delicious. Thanks for sharing this Ramadan recipe. I will surely try this out!

  3. This is very delicious, i have to eat this item at my friend house its really amazing and beautiful in taste. thanks for sharing. chowringhee satya niketan menu


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