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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fish Shish Kebabs / Kabob Recipe | Tasty Fish Shish / Sheesh Kebabs

Fish Shish Kebabs / Kabobs

 To make Fish Shish Kebabs/Kabob

Start by steaming the fish in a microwave till soft and flaky...
also soak the wooden sticks in water so they dont burn while cooking..

For this recipe i used fresh tuna fish...
Spices -
after cooking the fish,run it in a chopper so they get combined,this helps with the binding
pepper crushed
crushed garlic 4 tbs
chopped coriander
red chili flakes
1 egg white
1/2 onion chopped
green chili chopped
garam masala 1 tsp

saute all the spices with the onion for 2/3 min
then mix in with the steamed fish,add salt and then the egg cover the mix and rest in the fridge for 20 min...after 20 min tightly bind it on top of the wooden stick and cook on a non stick till brown adding oil from time to time...once done,serve with onion and mint !!!

So yummy Fish Shish Kebabs are ready.


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