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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Potato Peas Patty | Alu / Aloo Tikki Recipe (Potato and Peas Starter)

This is a simple tikki recipe,i added some peas to change the flavour of the can also stuff the peas between the tikkis,but i prefer to just mix it together...This dish gets ready in no time,so do give it a try !
Ooo and i served this with some mayo on top and ketchup on the side. Chutney gets really predictable so skip it and enjoy some new flavours...

Watch my video for the recipe<<<<<<<CLICK

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Coconut Frappuccino Recipe | Frappuccino with Coconut |

Extra Special Frappiccino Recipe with Coconut is really easy to make in your own kitchen,

My recipe is super tasty as i add in 1 or 2  Ferraro Refallo to give a slight hint of almond and coconut flavour.It tastes heavenly.

So so so good,better than any coffee shop for sure.

This Frappuccino with Ferraro Reffallo is sure to impress! Give it a try now !

love it
 Watch my video on how to make it and also the ingredients

Easy homemade Coconut Frappuccino 
take a sip

you may add some chocolate syrup on top if you want,but i give that a skip

Monday, 27 February 2012

Indian Herbal Tea - Tasty Masala Chai

I love masala chai,actully who dosent right.Mostly masala tea has,cardamom,cinnamon and ginger but this
recipe has a few other ingredients to make it all the more yummy ! Take a look below !


"Methi Ka Paratha" OR "Easy Methi Paratha"

This methi paratha is a bit different from the usual paratha we make,read on to find out what makes it unique

                                                                           We need
                         Methi leaf chopped fine
Onions~Cumin Pwd~Red chili pwd~Ajwain~Tomato ketchup

Saute onions in oil till pink,add red chili,cumin and ajwain and saute 2 min more,last add tomato ketchup and shut the flame...allow this mix to cool then add it to wheat flour,also add in some salt and make a dough...let it rest for 20 min before making parathas...Its really yummy,do try it !

                                                             Serve with yogurt

Bell Pepper Pizza

Ever tried a pizza with just 2 toppings?? If no,then give this recipe a try,its really healthy and tastes lovely...

Bell peppers are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, and bell peppers would be expected to provide us with important anti-cancer benefits so stock them and eat them at least 2/3 times a week..
Now keeping all this in mind i topped pizza with just these and cheese, loved eating them for tea today..
saute bell peppers(any colour) in olive oil,onions,garlic,italian seasoning and tomatoes
salt,sugar and pepper can be added to your taste !

top pizza base with cooked bell pepper and cheese
cook for 1 min in the microwave for cheese to melt

toast on a non stick pan till the base is brown

garnish with some more italian seasoning

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cold Coffee with Nutella | Nutella Ice Coffee | Nutella Drink Recipes

This is an Easy Ice / Cold Coffee Recipe.

I skipped the ice as i had a cold, but adding lots of ice is a must for this drink!

Adding Nutella is optional but the hazelnut and coffee together brings out a great flavour so i say do not skip it.

Try this yummy Frothy Coffee recipe today,you will love it !

Watch my video for the detailed recipe

Ice Coffee Drink

Rose Lassi | Strawberry and Rose Lassi | Yogurt Smoothie with Rose and Strawberry

Strawberry and Rose in a drink is a Heavenly Match,this combo can also be blended with milk for a smoothie.Lassi is a yogurt based drink so today we shall make it with low fat plain yogurt.

The combination of Yogurt and Rose cools your body and the Strawberry will Nourish you.
So try this healthy drink when you feel tired and low.It will cheer you up instantly.

You can also try this in any dessert for a totally new flavour.

So check out my easy Lassi with Rosewater and Strawberry...Your gonna love it..Try it some day !

Watch my You tube video to see how i make it and also for the ingredient's
Strawberry and Rose Smoothie / Lassi

Thursday, 23 February 2012

"Pakistani Mooli Ka Paratha"

Mooli paratha and yogurt is the most satisfying meal,it keeps you full and tastes delicious(if made right)
Adding too many spices spoils the flavour of this dish so,less is more...
This recipe is pakistani  so in case you want to try something different do give this one  a try !

Watch my video for the recipe ~  hope you like it !

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lemon and Chicken Pilaf / Pulao | Zesty Chicken Pulao with Lemon Slices

Your going to love the flavour of this pulao,the Chicken is so Zesty and this dish is also really light on your tummy.It tastes buttery and the aroma is fabulous.

If you dont like it mild,just add in a bit more chili flakes or chili pwd.

Green chili or garam masala can also be added to your taste !

Do try this yummy pulao recipe.

 we need chicken marinated with yogurt,garlic,salt and red chili...marinate overnight for best results !

in a non stick pan add olive oil and brown chicken for 5/8 min
remove and keep aside !
for the pulao
lemon cut in circles
chili flakes

in the same pan the chicken was cooked,add the onion and spices along with the lemon
cook till onions and lemon circles are soft,add some salt and toass chicken back in
add very little water and cook on a low heat till chicken is cooked

once the chicken is cooked spread with cooked rice and butter on top
cover with a lid for 10 min on very low heat,then mix

now your ready to eat !

Monday, 20 February 2012

Easy Egg in a Hole | Breakfast in a Hurry Recipes | Quick Breakfast Egg in a Hole

How cute does this dish look,and its equally yummy and my fav quick breafast dish !

Egg in a Hole can be made into a full meal if topped with cheese,salami,tomato or bell peppers!
Try it out your gona love it ! Ooo and its perfect for your kids lunch box too !

 Watch my you tube channel to see me cook this up>

good morning !

Drumstick Sabzi Kerala Style | Kerala Drumstick Side Dish

Quick Drumstick Sabzi for lunch,is a very common Kerala Recipe !
This dish is made in coconut milk to give it a great aroma and suttle taste.

Drumstick Thoran or Sabzi is mostly eaten as a side dish with rice.

Hope you try it !

so healthy for you

cut drumstick ~boil with salt and turmeric till tender
for the masala
small onion~grated ginger
tempering~curry leaf,mustard seeds,cumin,chana daal and green chili
in oil,temper the spices then add onion and ginger,cook 2/3 min then add cooked drumstick
add a small pinch of red chili and corriander pwd,salt  and add few drops water .Cover for 5/7 min till done !

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kali Masoor Dal Recipe | Black Lentil Soup made Indian Style

Kali Masoor Dal is a very famous Dal / Lentil made in most Indian Homes.
There are many recipes for this dish,but this is how we make it in my house.
Do give it a try.

boil the black masoor daal with salt and turmeric in a pressure cooker

for the tempering
cumin 1 tsp
chaat masala 1/2 tsp
garam masala 1/2 tsp
garlic julienne ~ginger julienne
tomato cut fine
1/2 onion
make tempering in ghee or butter for best results,then pour over the daal ! garnish with corrianger leaves and your done !

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Spicy Kerala Daal (Parippu Curry) | Spicy Kerala Daal | Thrissur Parippu Curry (Dal)

Usually the daal made in most parts of kerala is very mild and is a must in the Onam Sadya.

But this is the Spicy version of the Kerala Daal which has crushed red chili that brings out a unique flavour !
Do try and let me know your comments !

err bad pic?

pressure cook tur daal with turmeric,salt and ginger till soft

for the tempering~crush  till a coarse paste is formed
few garlic cloves
pearl onions
red chili pwd
crushed red chili

in ghee add mustard seeds ,curry leaf and hing
then add the crushed paste,saute till light brown

add the tempering to the cooked daal and mix,cover for 10 min..
Serve hot with steamed rice and ghee

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Alu / Aloo Matar ki Sabzi | Indian Potato and Peas Dish

Alu matar can be made in so many ways,the common base is tomato puree and ground onion...Today i dint have the time to make any paste so i chopped the tomatoes and onions and made alu matar that way~the taste was no different !

Do watch my you tube video on how i make it >
Hope you all like it !

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Chocolate French Toast (step by step) | Fancy French Toast | Romantic French Toast

This is french toast taken to another level,use only nutella or the best chocolate you have, and Plz no regular chocolate for this one.Use the best you can find,it really makes a huge difference.

Make it on a holiday so you don't need to hurry up and eat this lovely dish
...Its my personal fav breakfast recipe and i hope you all like it !

The Perfect Romantic Breakfast ~ Chocolate French Toast

dust powdered sugar  before serving
all you need is
1 egg
nutella to spread
bread slice 2

spread the nutella on both the bread slices
also beat the egg and add 1 pinch salt ~ 2 tsp sugar and 1 tsp vanilla essence

join both the bread slices and dip in the egg batter
let it sit for a few seconds so the egg is well coated

shallow fry in butter(only)
let it turn a light brown

cut and serve warm ~not hot

Monday, 13 February 2012

Exotic Coffee Recipe | Romantic Coffee Drink | Exotic Drink Recipes

The Perfect Lovers Drink
Exotic Spiced Coffee

This Exotic Coffee Drink lives up to its name,the aroma and taste is really unusual which gives it that Exotic touch to any Coffee !

It is a must have on Late Nights or Date Night when you just wanna feel cosy and warm.

If you need to impress your Date / Husband / Boyfriend then try this Drink.So basically it is a Romantic Drink with a blend of Exotic Spices

This Coffee has a mix of Arabic and Indian Influence and is made on cold nights.

Enough talking,just check out the recipe.You need to try it !

                     Do watch me make it by clicking the link for the ingredients and you tube video

                               Romantic and Exotic Coffee Recipe

Spiced Coffee At Its Best

I found this really interesting article on this site,do take a peek in 15 things about coffee

Saturday, 11 February 2012

How To Make Chilli Potato - Indo Chinese Recipe

When i eat this dish i dont miss chili chicken,so i usually make this dish on tuesdays when we give non veg food a miss !! this recipe is almost the original recipe so do give it a try ! Your gona love it for sure !

it tastes great in gravy form too
just add in 1/2 cup water and then a mix of cornflour and little water,pour and bring to a boil !
check for salt and add some soy
Gravy is ready !

Watch me make this video>>

Friday, 10 February 2012

King Fish Curry (easy method) | Tasty King Fish Curry / Gravy

Really Quick Fish Curry recipe!
No coconut milk goes in this recipe, all you need a 2/3 tsp of coconut powder and your ready to go !
This dish is spicy ,tangy and perfect with steamed rice ! Do try it !

so simple to make

start by frying any fish of your choice which is marinated in very little turmeric and salt
make sure you fry it only for for 2/3 min~no need to brown it !

now for the paste
in oil saute ~onion~curry leaf~red whole chili~garlic~ginger~red chili pwd~and turmeric pwd
saute till light brown

cool the mix and grind to a paste with coconut pwd adding a bit of water

in a deep pan ,add oil and splutter mustard seeds, few fenugreek seeds also add few curry leaves

add in the ground paste and cook for 2/3 min then add 1/2 cup water and salt

once it comes to a boil add a spoon of tamarind paste and gently add the fish

let the fish simmer for 10 min on a low heat~then close with a lid until serving !
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