Cooking videos in here

Cooking videos in here
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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sweet and Sour Fish (Indo Chinese Fish) | Chinese Sweet and Sour Fish

Sweet and Sour Fish is lip smacking and one of my personal favourite Chinese dish.

Its the easiest recipe to any Chinese sweet and sour dish so try this out.

PLZ MAKE SURE NOT TO USE AJINO MOTO ~ its not worth it !
Check out this really easy recipe ..

all you need is steamed rice for this !

roughly cut onions and capsicum..
use very little capsicum~dont ask why..its what i do !
but in the end the choice is yours

we also need garlic,green chili and carrots

for sauces~ tomato sauce
soy sauce
chili garlic sauce
shezwan sauce
and seasme seeds

wash the fish with salt~
use only boneless fish

Watch my Youtube Cooking Video by clicking the link

Video for Sweet and Sour Fish

before serving garnish with spring onions

So Chinese Sweet and Sour Fish is Ready !

Green Peas Pulao - Spicy Pulaos

This is not your plain ol' green peas pulao,this recipe has a unique flavour and a bright red colour...Find out how to make this wonderful rice dish !
~my camera could not capture the red colour,a lil lighting problem errrr
Serve with yogurt or fried egg

fried egg is what we like !

~ garlic, coconut, red chili ,cumin

We also need bay leaf, kashmiri red chili, onion.tomato and cardamom

blend everything except the bay leaf and cardamom pods

Our paste is now ready !

oh and green peas ofcourse
Check out how i cook this awsome pulao>

Do try out this mouth watering rice recipe....


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bharwan Bhindi with Sesame Seeds | Stuffed Okra

                 Usually this dish requires a lot of dry spices for the paste,but i tend to do it with a few !
                            This is also a no fail dish,and it always comes out give it a try !

Sprinkle seasme seeds before serving..

you need
spices~red chili,cumin pwd,chaat masala,garam masala and salt
for paste ~onion and garlic

seasme seeds for garnish !

Check out the detailed recipe by Clicking the Link > Video for Stuffed Okra - Bharwan bhindi

Black Eyed Peas Gravy - Spicy Lobia Curry

This pulse curry has simple ingrediants,and takes less than 15 min to prepare...i add in some fennel seeds for a totally different try it !
smells great !

 This is what we need to prepare the curry !

we also need~1/4th tomato
half an onion
and 2 tsp ginger garlic paste

chili pwd 1 tsp
coriander pwd
cumin seeds
 fennel seeds


Baingan Ka Raita ~ Fried Brinjal In Yogurt Sauce

I'v had this raita a few times,and i love the combo of fried brinjal and yogurt with tempering on top !
       Make this when you feel bored of your usual onion-tomato really makes a big difference on your dinner or lunch table !

so creamy...

for this recipe you need
brinjal cut in circles
turmeric and salt for marination
tempering~cumin and garlic
thick yogurt

marinate the brinjal for 15 min

Watch me make this dish

Serve immediately....


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Egg Curry in Green Gravy | Anda Hirwa Masala | Hirwa Masala Anda Curry

This  recipe is a change from the usual red curry we make for egg curry's..the coriander paste gets a great flavour when mixed with coconut milk...Very different and delicious with steamed rice ...

egg curry
you need
garlic 4
green chili 2
ginger small piece
onion 1
tomato 1
curry leaf
coriander leaves
spices~turmeric,red chili and garam masala

 for the paste~blend coriander,green chili,garlic and ginger

To watch how i make it Click this link>>

Have fun making it......

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Chicken Fry Indian Style | Chicken Fry with Spices | Flavourful Chicken Fry

There are thousands of Chicken Fry Recipes,some take ages to prepare as they have a million spices and pastes for the marination,my recipe has very few and in the end the taste is just the same as the elaborate ones.So why stress making all those masala pastes.

Indian Chicken Fry's have great flavour and they do not have a coating.
But i promise you, you will not miss that extra crisp flour coating.The Chicken gets Crisp with the wonderful spices and the yogurt marination keeps it juicy inside.

For meat which is melt in the mouth a marination for more than 24 hrs is best.
So find out how to make Tasty and Juicy Chicken Fry.

Tip for keeping fried chicken juicy
As soon is as u get Chicken or Mutton from the super market,marinate it in yogurt,salt  and garlic.
Never Ever Add Lemon,you will make the meat tough if you do that.

Here is the Recipe for Chicken Fry with Indian Spices

starter for tv dinner
                                                                       Marination - all spices to your taste

ginger garlic
red chili pwd a lil extra
green chili paste a lil extra
fenugreek leaves
coriander pwd
garam masala
chaat masala
coriander paste
cumin pwd
make a dry paste of all this then mix in thick yogurt and add the chicken in this...
marinate for 48 hrs...and fry

fry 2 or 3 pieces at a time...not more than that

really easy !
              So there now you know the secret of making Flavourful Chicken Fry with Indian Spices

Onion and Capsicum Uttappam | Restaurant Style Uttapam Recipe

I usually make an onion and tomato uttappam,today its capsicum instead of tomato.
Yummy Uttapam Recipe Below

serve with butter and green chutney
for the uttappam topping you need
onions,capsicum,red chili ,salt and chaat masala
Dosa batter which is not runny is best for uttappam
   here goes the recipe ...Click for video>>

for Biju..

How to make Perfect Scrambled Eggs Everytime | Secret to Perfect Scrambled Eggs

This is the fools proof recipe for never fail fluffy scrambled eggs made restaurant style.
Perfect scrambled eggs always look pale yellow and look chunky..
Don't ever cook your scrambled eggs for a long time and completely shred them,it looses all the flavour if u do..

Check out my video below to make the best scrambled eggs..


dont they look great...

All u need is eggs,salt and butter.
Cream is optional

beat the eggs with salt  ,adding very little milk

1 tsp olive oil or any oil is a must before you add the butter
this is to prevent the butter from getting brown
so lets start cooking watch the video and see how Click the link below >>
                     how to cook perfect Scrambled Eggs

dont they look great...
Adding cream while beating the eggs make your eggs loose its fluffiness but they do taste divine.

Salami Sandwich with Philadelphia Cream Cheese | Brown Bread Salami Sammy | Cream Cheese and Salami Sammy

A very simple Chicken Salami Sandwich with scrambled eggs was our breakfast today.

They also make dainty looking tea sandwiches,adding flavoured Cream Cheese or a Cheese Spread will
 make these tea sandwiches a real treat.

This is a very quick sandwich and can be made in no time,perfect for lunch box too..

15 min max to make this !
A great tasting Sandwich with Philadelphia Cream Cheese Recipe

you need
cream cheese
chicken salami
black olives

multigrain bread
this sandwich tastes great with brown or multigrain bread

lightly fry the salami

brown and crisp is how i like it

spread the cream cheese and add the chopped olives
Black Olives and Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a match made in heaven.
cover with the salami
and ur done....
Video for scrambled eggs CLICK LINK>>

 So there your Salami Sandwich is ready.

serve with eggs...have a good morning you all !

Friday, 22 July 2011

Basic Chicken Gravy / Curry | No Fuss Chicken Curry |

This recipe is highly recommended when guests are over,the gravy is rich,the colour is great and the taste is simply delish.The best part about this dish is minimum oil and no cream yet the gravy is luscious.Its not that hard so do try it !
This recipe has 2 steps.
step 1 is making a spicy oil gravy then adding the chicken and 80% cooking the chicken in the gravy.
step 2 is adding the yogurt and onion smoothie and then cooking the chicken in it.
lets start cooking.....
it smells divine

we need
yogurt 1/2 cup
onion 1
spice powder- red chili,turmeric and corriander pwd
whole spice
corriander paste-(corriander blended with water)
almond soaked in water ,then skin removed

chicken marinated with yogurt,salt and turmeric

fry the onions till brown

mix with yogurt

make a smoothie

 Step 2.
Time to cook the chicken now,so before we put the chicken in the pan we need to make a spicy gravy to fry the chicken in and completely dry it...
This gravy is a basic gravy which can be used for any veg or non veg dish..
Check the gravy here>
add the marinated chicken in the spicy gravy

add the whole spices in the gravy,so the flavour is mild
when you add whole spices in hot oil the flavour gets strong.

add salt

saute the chicken so the gravy dries up

see no gravy can even eat the chicken like this
for a dry chicken dish...yummmmmmm

after the chicken has dried up add the yogurt and onion smoothie

peel the almond skin and add this

add the corriander paste,adding corriander paste to any dish gives it a
great aroma...better than chopped corriander

add in dried fenugreek leaves

it smells divine

goes best with naan !

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