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Cooking videos in here
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Friday, 15 June 2012

Buttery Garlic Chili Popcorn Recipe | Fancy Pop Corn

Ooo my god i just loved this recipe,i saw it on tv and just had to try it,the host added some parmigiano reggiano  but i dint have any so i skipped that..

Plz try this Fancy Popcorn and impress yourself,its totally killer !

loved every bite
  once you start making your own popcorn you wont bother getting any from the store..i always keep corn kernels at home and make plain salted or butter popcorn ..but this recipe is my first and it blew my mind away ! Try to some day !
to make perfect pop corn,take a large heavy bottom pan
and add 3 to 4 tsp oil
1/2 cup corn kernels
do a test first,add 1 kernel and see if it pops then your oil is ready add the rest of the kernels and cover quickly,keep the flame wait for the popping to stop...

its done !
 now all you do is mix in melted butter - garlic pwd - onion flakes and red chili flakes.chopped coriander leaf(optional)..toss it all and serve !

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