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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Making Aamras And Rotli

Today we had a simple gujju thali for lunch,very basic nothing fancy ..Me and hubby never have roti and rice together but i just had to have Aamras And Rotli for the thali experience!!
I'm going to show you a super soft roti recipe which most gujaratis make along with aamras...Its a roti which has has no blister marks,really light and goes perfectly with the sweet mango puree !

Aamras recipe-i used Alphonso mango,you can use any mango of your choice,blend them adding very little water ..add sugar if you need !
 for the dough mix in salt and 2/3 tbs oil to wheat flour,mix well so the oil is combined,then add warm water and make a soft dough..allow to rest 1 for the roti-look below
roll out 2 rotis and on one spread ghee and dust with some flour
then join both the rotis and roll once again

cook on a hot tawa for 1 or 2 min,then flip
you will notice the rotis will separate

see how it separates,cook on both sides then tear them open..spread ghee
on them and cover -they will be soft even the next day !!

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