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Cooking videos in here
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Traditional Lemon Rice | Kerala Lemon Rice Recipe

Making lemon rice is a great way to use your left over rice,not that you cant make it if you dont case you cook the rice the same time the grains wont be fluffy and best if you use Left Over Rice..
This dish is tangy and smells really fresh..The perfect summer food,do give it a try !!

For lemon rice,you need left over rice...Basmati is what i use...

for the masala(use only ghee)

Start by tempering mustard seeds,urad daal,chana daal and cashews for a min...then add in grated ginger,curry leaf and green chili,you may also use whole red chilis for this..

Saute for 1/2 a min then add chopped onions,salt and hing..add in turmeric and 1 small pinch sugar(you need balance in everything) and saute add in lemon juice,and add in the rice...

Gently toss and garnish with coriander...Now your done ! Serve warm with pickle and papad..

Fabulous lunch in no time...

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