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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Buttery Sweet Corn in a Cup Recipe | Best Sweet Corn Cup Recipe

There are very few who dislike corn,some like it on the cob and some like me like it frozen n ready to cook.

Now there is a reason,I hate messing my nails,and also the whole process of removing the kernels is simply not what i enjoy.So to make my life easy i get the frozen fine everytime.

Eating Corn Cups in the mall is what most of us do and many wonder how to get the exact taste that they prepare.I got the recipe and you will be glad after you try this.

   Warning -After you follow my recipe you will never bother eating corn from the mall again .

all for me..
  Follow the exact recipe for Mall Style Corn Cups
microwave butter for 10 or 15 sec

list of things you need
frozen corn
chaat masala 1 tsp
paprika 1 tsp or chili pwd
garlic pwd 1 tsp

boil the corn with very little salt

while the corn boils,make a mix
in a bowl add the spices

add in the butter and mix

dont add all of the butter,save some

after boiling the corn strain it,and add it to the spice mix

mix it well

add the remaining butter

grated cheese goes on top before you serve

now dig in.....
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