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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Healthy Mac and Cheese in 10 min | Worlds Easiest Mac and Cheese

 I call this the Worlds Easiest Mac and Cheese,and it is not just another Mac and Cheese Recipe.It has Broccoli which makes it Healthy and totally kid friendly.

This recipe gets ready in 10 min and you will be surprised with how tasty it is.
No baking required.Sounds good? Try it some day,you will be pleased.

there are many recipes for Mac and cheese,this one is the
easiest ..i shall post the original recipe soon...but for now
try this..

   Want dinner in 20 min? then give this one a try !

you need-
boiled macroni
cheese(more the better)
garlic powder
pepper......and broccoli ,it sure does make it taste aw some..
so now lets get cooking

heat the not burn it

when the butter melts ,add in the milk..

Stir it...cook 2 min

Add in the broccoli...lil goes a long way

now time for a pinch of pepper...dont overboil it pLz
Add the cheese...I added 2 diff kinds..u may do as you like

Mix it in...smells so greattttt...Damn

Time to add the babies in....

Stir it gently...cook for 5 min..also add in garlic powder

And there you go....your very own Mac and Cheese with Broccoli...
put a fork in darlings...

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