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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ragda Patties ~ Making Chaat At Home

Ragda Patties Or Alu Chaat is a fried potato patty topped with white peas curry,along with coriander and sweet chutney then finally garnished with onions,coriander leaves,sev or chana ...Its a wonderful dish with a burst of flavours and my most favourite chaat dish...

for the patty-
boil potato and mash only after its cool
add salt,green chili,coriander leaves,hing and chaat masala
form pattys and lightly brown,i add butter+oil for cooking them
 For the ragda(peas gravy)
Soak white peas for about 4 hours,then pressure cook adding salt and turmeric till soft...
for the green chutney view>>
for the sweet chutney view>
Place the patty on a plate and cover it with the peas gravy,then add the chutneys to your taste,i add more sweet chutney,then garnish with onions,sev and coriander leaves...Serve immediately

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