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Cooking videos in here
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Monday, 9 July 2012

Kerala Thali Meal (Recipes for Kerala Festivals) | Kerala Platter

Finally this post gets out of my draft after a month,phewww...

Making a Kerala Style Thali Meal can be a piece of cake,only if you prep things before.

I made the paysam(kheer) and sambar a day before..
Also i soaked the pulse overnight so its ready to boil the next day.

The rest i made the same day, make sure to cook your rice in the morning so they stay perfect and fluffy for the assorted rice..

Few dishes in this Kerala Style Thali is also made during Onam and Vishu celebrations.

In todays Kerala Thali we had.

Olan - Kerala Style                                                 

Moong Daal Kheer/Paysam

Sambar Hotel Style

Beans and Raw Banana Sabzi

there is more look below...

 For a change i made 3 types of rice..
Tomato Rice

Lemon Rice

Curry Leaf Rice

Of course i served plain rice, yogurt and papad...We enjoyed it,give it a try and surprise your family ..
P.s - don't forget to mix in some ghee - Do check my Ghee Recipe,its very easy.

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