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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Coconut Stuffed Crepes | Eggless Crepes with Coconut Stuffing | Kerala Style Crepes with Coconut Stuffing

These Eggless Crepes are delicate and is mildly sweetened with a dry fruit and coconut sweet mix.
These crepes are made in kerala and made usually evening tea..
Very  easy to prepare and its always better to make a lil extra as it disappears really quick.

This recipe is also a favourtite with kids as the filling is nutty with the dry fruits and a hint of sugar along with the coconut roasted in ghee gives out a great aroma too.

You may add egg to the batter but i skip it.Just make sure to not cook the crepe too long and it must no thave too many brown marks on it.

rolled pancakes with coconut

For the filling
coconut 1 cup
cardamom 3 tsp
cashew 5/8
sugar 3 tsp
ghee 2 tsp
lightly fry the coconut in the ghee and add in sugar and cashew
saute a little and then add in the cardamom...the mix should look a light brown in colour
                                                   For the pancake batter
                                                   1 cup flour, 1/2tsp salt and water
mix using a whisk

looks like a dosa i know...cook it both sides adding ghee

spoon the coconut mix and roll the pancake

after rolling it ,trim the looks better that way...
Yummy Kerala Stuffed Coconut Crepes are ready.
                                       try it for a change from the usual vadas and farsans for tea..

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  1. Looks very tempting....thanks for the link.


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