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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Crispy Dal and Sabudana Vada (Karwa Chauth Snacks)

Here is a tasty and savoury snack for your Karwa Chauth Menu.
These Vadas are light and crispy and a great appetiser to serve your guests.
You may make them in any shape of your choice but i insist to serve these with green chutney,they taste fabulous and is the perfect match for these vadas.
Hope you try this easy snack recipe for your Karwa Chauth.

For these crispy Dal and Sabudana Vadas you need

1/2 cup Sago (sabudana) soaked overnight
1/2 cup Urad Dal soaked overnight
1 potato boiled and mashed
2/3 tsp crushed peanuts
3 Green chilis
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp grated ginger
5/7 curry leaf chopped fine
1 pinch sugar
salt to taste
1 pinch garam masala
1/2 onion chopped fine

Start by grinding the soaked urad dal with out adding any water,to this add the mashed potato and sago along with all the other ingredients.Make sure you add the onion last before mixing,onion tends to release water and so while frying it absorbs more oil and the vadas wont stay crispy.

After mixing everything fry till brown and crispy.Now your done !
Serve with green chutney and enjoy your Karwa Chauth Celebrations.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Punjabi Rajma Masala Curry (Raseela) | Indian Style Kidney Beans

This is the basic recipe for Rajma Raseela made Punjabi Style.
During winter Rajma Masala Curry is something everyone in Punjab and other Nothern States enjoys eating along with rice.It keeps them warm and is also the perfect comfort food.
Nothing beats a nice bowl of Rajma Chawal for most Punjabis.

You may add more spices to your liking,but then this is how i make it.

You need
1 cup Rajma
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 bay leaf

2 tsp fresh garam masala
1 tsp cumin seeds
Crushed ginger/garlic and green chili paste
1 onion grated
1 tomato chopped then lightly crushed with a fork
2 tsp roasted cumin powder
1 tsp kashmiri chili powder
Ginger Juliens for garnish
salt to taste

* Start by soaking the Rajma (kidney beans) overnight.
Then pressure cook it the next day adding salt,1 pinch turmeric and the bay leaf.
Just 2 whistles not more as we will cook it once again after adding the masala paste.

 * In another pan add ghee or butter and add in cumin seeds along with ginger/garlic green chili paste.
Saute for 1 min.

 * Now add in the grated onion and 1 heaped tsp of garam masala powder and other spices.Cook till pink.

 * Add in chopped tomatoes and cook the masalas till the oil is seperated

 * Add this to the pressure cooked rajma and give it another whistle.The masala paste gets well mixed into the rajma by doing it this way.

 * Now you may add in chopped coriander leaves and mix again (optional)

 * Garnish with ginger juliens and serve hot with rice or rotis.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Instant Mango Pickle (Aam Ka Achaar) | Easy Homemade Instant Mango Pickle

As a South Indian having Instant Homemade Mango Pickle with yogurt and rice is cocoon food for me.
I always feel cosy and happy instantly after a few bites of this.Such a classic combination.

I have tried this pickle a few times with other spices and temperings,and found that this recipe tastes the best.And what i like is it gets ready in no time,the only thing that takes time is the marination.

Do try it some day ! It is good,really good.
As it is just me and hubby at home,i make a very small batch of this.I hate keeping things in the fridge for too long,but you may double the recipe for a bigger batch.

Here is the Easy Instant Mango Pickle Recipe.

2 medium size raw mango
2 tsp salt
1 tsp red chili powder

1 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp crushed red chili
1 tsp mustard seeds
few fenugeek seeds
1 heaped tsp hing
5/8 curry leaf

You also need a clean glass jar or bowl,microwave for 1 min after washing it.It must be free of any water.
After washing the mango,dry it with a towel and then cut it in small pieces.

Mix well with salt and red chili powder,best if you use gloves or just a plastic wrap wrapped to your hands for mixing.
Pickles have longer shelf life if they are untouched by hands.I like to think that,but it depends on how you want to do it.

Keep it covered near a sunny spot for 4/6 hours.If you do not have a sunny spot,just keep it on your kitchen counter for a few hours.It will still taste great.

After letting it sit for a few hours,drain the liquid and get ready for tempering.

Add 2/3 tsp veg oil and temper with mustard seeds,hing,curry leaf and the fenugreek seeds.
Then quickly add the turmeric and crushed red chili,make sure to not burn them,add the mango now.

Toss for 2/3 min and now your done.If you feel you need more salt,feel free to add some.

And now you can serve your very own Tasty Home made Instant Mango Pickle (Achaar)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mini Chiroti (Popular Diwali Sweets) | Mini Chiroti / Chirote

I made this recipe keeping the Famous Sweet Chiroti / Chirote in mind,it even tastes just like it.
The only difference is it is less flaky and also the shape is smaller and round.Really cute too.

So basically it is a Mini Spiral Chiroti.
If you are having an Indian theme party or a gathering make these and it will be a hit.
Also serve these Diwali Sweets in mini cup cake wrappers and your done.

                                         Round Chiroti / Chirote Topped with Sugar

do you think they look cute?
  All you need to do is pop them in your mouth and no second bite is needed.
It will also be perfect for a cocktail party dessert as the ladies always prefer tiny food pieces so they don't mess up their lipstick.
Below is the detailed recipe.

not bad haa

1/2 cup flour
2/3 tsp ghee
2 tsp yogurt

For the Paste
rice flour 5 tsp,ghee 3 tsp,mix well

The dough must be mixed really well,or else you wont get a crispy and light sweet.
make a stiff dough,make sure to mix the ghee well before adding the yogurt

lets start !!!
let the dough rest for 20 min,then roll out and spread the paste
fold gently

cut the roll and give it a firm press

now its time to fry these darlings

fry till dark brown

once they are done,top with powdered sugar while still hot

the hint of sweetness is the best part !!!!
  My papa would love these,will make it once i meet him...Muwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh papa...
Do try this wonderful recipe during any of the Indian Festivals or just for tea.Your family will love it !
For a complete list of Indian Festivals click Hindu festivals

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Vrat/Fasting Snacks (Crunchy Potato Balls) | Navratri Snacks

Here is another super quick and very tasty Indian Style Potato Snack,this is a very basic recipe and not many spices go into this dish,just a hand full of ingredients that's it.

These Crunchy Potato Balls are rolled in Samak Rice,so they get a nice crunchy exterior, and when you dip them in chilled sweet yogurt the taste is heavenly.
This is mostly made during Navratri as a snack,but then you can try them anytime.

Here is what you need (makes about 10)

2 medium potatoes (boiled and grated)
2 green chilis chopped fine
1 tsp grated ginger
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp black salt
Regular salt if needed to your taste
1 cup Samak/Samo Rice

T.i.p > when ever you are making a snack with grated or mashed potato,mash them only when it has cooled down.Potatoes that are just cooked and when mashed right away get a starchy texture and they absorb more oil while frying.

Back to the recipe
Mix all the ingredients well,then make tiny balls and roll in the Samak Rice,and all you do is fry them till brown.Do not turn them for a few seconds,or else they might stick to each other while frying.
Now your done ! Serve these with chilled yogurt mixed with sugar.

 These Crunchy Potato Balls make a very quick snack anytime,not just for your fasting menu.
Make sure you do not skip the sweet yogurt.All the flavours come together when you dip these piping hot balls in something cool and sweet.

Enjoy !

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sabudana Thalipeeth for Fasting (Vrat Recipes) | Indian Fasting Recipes

This "Sabudana Thalipeeth Recipe" is one of the tastiest and most commonly eaten Vrat (fasting) dish in Maharashtra.Very few ingrediants go in this dish and it tastes really great.

I never fast,but i  Love Fasting Food. Lolzz
If you wonder what to do with Sabudana (sago) then this post will help you for your Navratri Menu or any other Festival.

Ok,this is what you need for Crispy Sabudana Thalipeeth

1/2 cup Sabudana (sago)
(soaked for 2 hours then drained overnight) they will not get sticky if you do it this way.
2 green chili cut fine
4/5 tsp peanut powder
1 boiled potato
2 tsp cumin seeds
Lots of cut coriander leaves
Salt to taste

Mix everything together and leave for 5 min.

You can add more spices to your liking,but this is the Authentic Sabudana Thalipeeth,so i stick to this.

Then take a fist full of the sabudana mix and spread on butter paper.

Use some water on your palms and make a circle,be very gentle.

It is a must to make a hole in the middle (for me).
I like to think it cooks evenly like that.

Now gently peel of the sabudana from the butter paper and cook on a hot pan.
I use ghee to cook this,oil does not give it that special taste.Now the choice is yours on what to use.
Cook on both sides till light brown and crispy,then serve.Hot !!

Wait there is more,you can make another dish with the same sabudana mix.Recipe is below.
Sabudana (Sago) Dosa

If you wish you can completely transform the Sago mix into a pancake,by adding some wheat flour and water.Then cook on a nonstick pan like a pancake.
Just serve it with plain yogurt and you are done.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Indian Diet Meal (Thali) | Low Fat Indian Diet Dinner

I was on a holiday and for 12 days all i did was eat,eat and ya eat some more.And then it happened i realised my super duper binge feast is showing on my skin after i saw a few pimples.
This is the warning my skin is going crazy and it needs help,and then i decided to get my system back on track,what i mean is eat healthy.

I always believe you can never be on a permanent diet and if your like me and feel eating and cooking food is true love then detox by eating lots of pulses,fruits and veggies,also go gluten,meat and fat free and in a few days your set.

This low fat Indian diet Meal i made is a great way to start,when i say diet it does not mean no spices and no flavour.Do you think i can ever do such a thing?
I just skip the oil and instead of wheat rotis i make a rice and bajra roti.

Try it,you will love it.
Look below for what i made for my Low Fat Indian Diet Meal.

From left :

Green Gram Sabzi
Green Gram soaked for 4 hours,then pressure cooked with turmeric,onion,salt and green chili for 1 whistle
Once it is cooked,toss with cumin powder and chopped coriander.

Plain Low Fat Yogurt

Apple Slices with Chaat Masala
Cut apples then sprinkle with chaat masala.

Rice and Bajra Roti
Mix Bajra and Rice Powder with salt and chopped onions,then add in hot water little at a time and mix.Cover for 10 min.
After 10 min dust your palm with some rice powder,take a dough ball and form a circle pressing gently on plastic wrap so it does not stick.
Cook on a non stick pan,then cook on direct flame.
Now your done.

Onion and Lemon for extra flavour.

Thats it,it is easy and tastes lovely too.Healthy too.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Panchamrit Recipe for Pujas (Bhog) | Panchamrita Recipe | How to make Panchamrit?

I love the taste of Panchamrit,and i make it regularly.
Actually i like it more as it has my name "Amrita" meaning immortal.
Some people also call it Panchamrut / Panchamrita and even Charanamrit.
For more info on this Click What is Panchamrita?

In short it is the mix of 5 foods,and it is made as an offering (bhog) when you do an Abhishek.
Many Indian homes even serve Panchamrita on Diwali after the morning Puja.

Panchamrita can also be served as a Dessert adding fruits,coconut and dry fruits.

So for making Panchamrita at home all you need is an equal mix of

Holy Basic
Ghee(not shown in the pic but you will see it in the video)

View my you tube video How i make Panchamrit at home.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Best Pav Bhaji Recipe (Authentic Juhu Chowpatty Recipe) | Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji Recipe

If you visit Mumbai and plan on tasting the delicious street food, trying out the Juhu Paav Bhaji has to be on the top listed food to try.
Dont worry about which stall to eat in,they all have the same method of cooking and the taste is all same.
As a Mumbai Girl nothing makes me more happy than a yummy plate Pav Bhaji  with some Masala Soda.
You must give this one a try.

This is how i make Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji
For the authentic taste and experience of Juhu Pav Bhaji - follow the easy steps
Please do not add any other veg other than the ones i have listed below.
If you do i cannot promise you the Original Juhu Pav Bhaji Taste

Tip - Microwave tomato for 1 min to cook and get it soft,its easy to mash and saves time.
You can also microwave the veg for 2 min.

Lets Start Cooking !
in oil saute ginger garlic paste with capsicum - potato and green peas  for 5/7 min
then add boiling water  till soft

now add the cooked tomato, red chili pwd,
add some butter ,saute for 5 min
 then add more boiling mash till soft

to the mix add paav bhaji masala - continue mashing the mix
till everything is well combined and mashed

now its time for the special tarka / tadka for Pav Bhaji

the tadka is the most important

Saute chopped onions,ginger garlic paste,paav bhaji masala,kasuri methi,hing,lemon juice and coriander leaves

you can add red food colour,but i skip it..
add the tadka and keep mashing for  more 2 min

Now for the Paav - add some butter to a pan,add coriander leaves,paav bhaji masala and red chili pwd
Roast the cut paav till soft and buttery..Its ready now !

serve with lemon and onion on the side

For the Ultimate Combo have it along with Masala Soda

For Masala Soda
in Coke or thums up add chaat masala and pepper..
Oh ya!!!! its killer.

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