Cooking videos in here

Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Easiest Veg Roll

Make this easy veg roll for evening snack or turn it into a full meal by adding more toppings and serving it with some soup...todays roll is the 10 min one,i just had to make some thing quick and this was my only option !
I always make rolls with chicken,but the veg one tasted great too !

Lets start with the yogurt mint spread
chop mint and crush the garlic,add this to thick yogurt..also add in some salt and pepper,your yogurt spread is ready !!

Now for the filling- chop  boiled potato and capsicum,add it to a pan with some olive oil,chopped garlic and any spice powder of your choice...fry the veg for 5/7 min and add in some lemon ! keep it simple and it will taste great ! never add too many spices to this dish !

for the roll-i have used flaky paratha ! spread the yogurt spread on the cooked paratha and top with the potato mix,add some sliced onions~tomato and cucumber..roll it and serve hot !

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