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Cooking videos in here
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Stay Original Please

To my dear readers ~

Greetings every one,and thank you all for visiting my here goes a small request ~ 
Please do not copy paste my content and call it yours..
I see people using the same blog title,method of writing and cloning even formats,its very strange,sometimes scary and silly ofcourse.

People who are attacked by copycats have to re-arrange posts and titles,after so much  hardwork...its so annoying...

Just Stay Original..Its never a bad thing to get inspired,but using the exact content and copy pasting info to your blog is something a creative person would never do...

So be inspired and do your own thing,after all your way is always the best way !

I hope you all stay tuned in and keep loVin !
         Lots of love,

              Proud mummy (Amrita)

1 comment:

  1. Your blog is really awesome! I especially loved ur "I eat Nutella from the jar", comment and "Never give up any food,eg-sugar-butter-ghee-cheese-chocolate. Your body needs it all (in moderation of course)" on ur About page... im an absolute chocoholic :D
    God Bless You for sharing your talent! :)


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