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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Leftover Idli Batter Recipes | White Dhokla Safed / Khatta Dholka

I make this dish only when i have left over idly batter,now this recipe may seem a bit wrong to the gujju girlies,but this is how i make it and the taste is almost close to what they bad ha?
                                          give it a try and check out my way of making it !

step 1- i added 2 spoons of yogurt to the idly batter and a bit of ginger and green chilli paste to taste.Also 1 small pinch sugar and 1 or more tsp salt...mix it all..before steaming add 1 pinch baking soda...
 read on for the next step
pour the batter into a greased plate
Traditionally only pepper and cumin or red chili is sprinkled on this khatta dhokla...
For more added flavour you can add a mix of pepper,cumin,red chili and corriander leaves...
add the roasted cumin and coriander leaves on top
 Steam for 10 min or till a knife inserted comes out clean..
make sure you do not open the lid till about 10 min

 All ready !!!
all ready ! for tea

cut and serve with green chutney
 If you ever wonder what to do with leftover idli batter? You can try this.


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