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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Chicken Fritters in Gravy | Murg Pakora Curry | Chicken ke Pakore

Chicken mince made into pakoras is the same thing as chicken kofta,the only difference is koftas are made oval or round and this recipe has chicken mince fried in no particular shape...The gravy for this dish can be made in many ways,but this recipe is the basic recipe for a non veg pakora curry...
Do try it !!!

serve with veg pulao

the chicken pakoras were tender and perfect

spice paste
blend-5 garlic,1 inch ginger,3/4cashew 
1tsp red chili pwd,3 cardamom and 1 tsp corriander pwd
half onion

For the chicken pakoras
corriander leaves~salt~green chili 1/ and chaat masala,in a chopper add the chicken mince and the spices till its combined ...then fry the chicken mince masala in oil like pakoras. Keep aside !
                       method for gravy
                             in a pan add 1 tsp butter and oil together,add onions and when half cooked add
                          cumin,saute onions again for2/3min till brown...then add in the spice paste cook till you 
                          get a nice aroma and the oil is seperated,now add salt and 1 pinch sugar along with half 
                         cup water,after this boils and add the chicken pakoras and cook for 5 min covered.
                        Now your finished ! Garnish with corriander leaves and cream(optional)    


Monday, 26 September 2011

Lasooni / Garlic Dal | Garlic flavoured Lentil Soup | Chicken Cube Dal Curry

This is a very Hearty daal recipe,and the flavour is outstanding.
The tempering of this dish is what makes it totally scrumptious.

And by any chance are you a parent who's child hates dal / lentils?
Read on for a solution to your problem.

looks ok?

the highlight 'whole garlic'

i have used 2 types of lentils
half cup masoor daal
half cup tur daal,wash and soak for 20 min

~spices 1~

green chili
cumin seeds
1/2 tsp chaat masala
chicken cube (optional)

special tempering
garlic cut in half ' make sure to not cut it fine
pinch of red chili,salt and pepper~marinate all this with the garlic for 15 min

in a pressure cooker,add ghee and the spices 1 along with the lentils

after the daal is cooked,temper the marinated garlic in ghee and pour on top of the daal, cover for 10 min before serving .
Lasooni Daal is ready now.

This is a very Special Dal Recipe which has the most unique flavour with the chicken cube and the special garlic tempering.It is a must try dish.

Your Family will love it,i promise you that.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Easy Chicken Patty | Crispy Chicken Patty | Potato and Chicken Chaap / Chop

Ooooooooo i love this Chicken Patty, 1 for the taste and 2 bcos it has panko bread crumbs
(its japanese) these breadcrumbs makes any fried dish with coating look fluffy and a lot more delish..i call it the mother of all bread get hold of panko from your supermarket.

P.s> many of you know i love any thing jap ! hence the excitement...
lets cook this awsome patty

chicken mince~always mix chicken  in a chopper a few times before making any cutlet
onion 1/2 cut
green chili
corriander leaves
garam masala 1/2 tsp
pepper 1/2 tsp
red chili1/2 tsp
1 egg

1 potato poiled
bread crumbs

saute everything ,but make sure its not brown

once the spices and onions are cooked add them to
chicken mince and grated potato also add in salt

form pattys and coat with egg and roll in breadcrums

shallow fry and then your done !

Chicken Spring Roll - Chicken Egg Roll

This is the simpler version of a chinese spring roll recipe,it has no cabbage,no bean sprouts and no chili sauce in it...
I make these with only a few things added ,just for a change and it tastes wonderful !
so crispy and light


chicken cut in small bits
spring onion
green chili

saute everything till chicken is cooked

add soy and corn flour mixed with water
the corn flour makes the mix sticky,thats what we want

roll out the spring roll pastry

fry on medium heat

serve with sweet chili sauce

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Restaurant Style Alu Bahar - Potatos In A Fried Onion Sauce

This dish has a semi dry gravy and goes best with roti,i'm sure the name bahar would make you think its a very rich dish,well its not. You can add in cream, ghee or butter to transform it totally,but honestly except for the richness the taste will stay the same.So follow this recipe and take your alu sabzi to another level...

looks ok?

you need
1 onion
curry paste- 1tsp pinch each~red chili,pepper,turmeric,cardamom pwd,garam masala and bay leaf.Blend all this with 3/4 cashews.
potatoes cut in big chunks

cut potatoes and keep in water until cooking

saute onion and cumin

let the onions cook slowly till then are a bit brown

add the potatoes and the curry paste,saute for 5 min,also add salt
after 5 min cover with a lid and cook till done

garnish with coriander leaves
and then your done !

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Simple Cheese Omlette | Cheesy Omlette

Cheese omlette is so comforting to eat,i never add onions or tomatoes to my cheese omlette.Its only few spices that i add to make this simple comfort breakfast or snack dish !
Try this simple recipe if you love cheese and eggs together !

mmm melting cheese

serve hot

all you need is
garlic pwd
red chili flakes

whisk eggs after adding all the spices~5 min non stop for a frothy mix

pour on a hot pan,cook eggs with butter n oil

top with cheese and fold

will be done in 2 min!

enjoy your breakfast !

Monday, 19 September 2011

Mild Yogurt Tempered Rice

This is the first dish i made for my husband,and it was in bombay at my house ,just a few days after my wedding...I choose this dish as its so easy,i know im damn lazy...It turned out ok and im glad he liked it..
do try it !
for my darling husband

curry leaf
green chili
chana daal
mustard seeds

in ghee saute all the spices,add the coconut in the end,do not brown the coconut

after everything is tempered ,add yogurt ,keep the flame low
also add in salt

gently fold in rice,make sure not to overcook

serve hot !

Sukha Kala Chana with no Onion / Garlic | Sukha Kala Chana with Puri / Poori

Making No Onion / Garlic Dry Chana takes less than 10 min.
Just a few dry spices and your done ! This can be eaten duing Festivals for breakfast,with halwa on the side ! Mostly it is served after Fasting as a Prasad.
So check out my way of making Tasty Kala Sukha Chana Masala without Onion / Garlic.

                           Soak the brown chana overnight and pressure cook the next day with salt and turmeric
                                                       Spices needed for Kala Chana Masala
cumin pwd
red chili pwd
chaat masala
pepper pwd
black salt
in a pan,add oil and saute green chili cut in half
then add all the spice pwds,dont burn them,keep an eye on it
after a few seconds add the boiled chana and allow to coat,add few drops of water and cook 5 min
dry it completely !

serve hot with puri

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