Cooking videos in here

Cooking videos in here
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The birth of a blog / Little about me /Contact

I dedicate this blog to Cooking..And everything you see in here will be related to food,nothing more.

There has never come a day when i felt being in the kitchen is getting boring,and there has not been
a time when i thought to myself - what should i cook?? Seriously !!
Everything falls into place in my kitchen for me.


What is the purpose of this blog??
          I created this food blog to share a few of my tried,tasted and approved recipes...Also for the new cooks in "cooking world" who need to dish up easy fix meals for themselves and their family...In case you don't enjoy cooking,maybe you just might start off after getting to know how easy these recipes are.Its always fun trust me ! If my blog would help any one i would be more than happy...

I come from a huge family,and if its my family then of course all of them are complete foodies,yes each one of them...My aunts and my mom are fabulous cooks and they all have their own unique style...Its the simple things they do that get me so inspired, and what i like best is how they have 100% no fail recipes...
I always mention my mom in most of my recipes as i always have her in my mind,maybe i cook so much just to keep thinking of her,for those who don't know i live in Dubai and she is in Mumbai...
  Hope your reading this mama !!!

     What are my views on cooking?
Personally i detest spending hours in the kitchen just to make a idea of great food is,quick no fuss yet delish and something that does not drain you down...
    Cooking is not only a passion for me but its what i do to be stress free and it always puts me in the best of moods..I do not call my self a great cook,but i try making each of my recipes fun to eat as well as to cook...

Few Random Things Relating to Food/CookingMe??

~When it comes to food,less is not more for me.

~I always cook extra,i can never imagine having less food on the table.

~I eat Nutella from the jar.

~All of my friends are Foodies.

~I love planning my meals,you must too.

~My younger sister Bittu,is the only person i would want to be like.She's flawless and fabulous.

~Use the best quality ingredients you can find,you all know that already right?

~Never be stingy and compromise while cooking for a group of people,give them the best.Promise??

~When people say mean things to you,feel sorry for them.They are sad and angry with themselves.

~No finger rings when you cook,ewww never ever.

~Always clean your kitchen counter,its your space so keep it sparkling.

~Just like life,every food must have balance.Not too sweet,salty and not too spicy.

~Be the hostess with the mostess,personal attention to each one of your guests (in our family rule book)

~I never use a measuring spoon when i cook,i add spices to my liking.It worked so far.

~Tie your hair in the kitchen,an up do is what i always go for.

~Keep 2 chopping boards,one for meat one for veggies.

~Never give up any food,eg-sugar-butter-ghee-cheese-chocolate.
Your body needs it all (in moderation of course)

~The first thing i cooked was spicy egg burji(spicy scrambled eggs) which i call heart attack burji, my uncle taught me how to cook the eggs and he told me something which i follow till day - add more butter if you want it very special..

~Favourite cuisine -Far East Asian

~Comfort food - mac and cheese,tomato basil pasta with loads of cheese or mayo egg sandwich,these 3 can change my mood from boo hoo to wow ..

These are just a few random things.
If you wish to know more feel free to ask..
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 Contribution ~ Critic ~ Motivation    
I say the driving force behind this blog is my dear hubby who is also my biggest critic,its he who always encourages me to try out something different and not stick with the regular recipes...Every time i cook up something new its that smile(when its to die for) or a grin(when he never ever wants to eat it ) that is my motivation to get better in my craft,could never thank him enough for all the support !!!!

 For those who wish to see My Son Cerberus,here he is. Handsome right?
My true pride and joy.


And after years of my cooking expedition(started at age 12) with hits and misses,these are a few of my easiest recipes ..About the taste,you need to be the judge of that...but no harm in trying my recipes right?? read on.....
Oh and for those who want to know my name is Amrita.
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                                                                                       Stay Real ~ Stay Chic


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