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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Chatpata Chana Chaat Snack | Homemade Chatpata Chana Chaat

Chatpata Chana Chaat is a perfect healthy snack,i never add too many chutneys to this,simple is how i like it.All you need is some crispy sev on top and your snack is done.
 Read on for the recipe...

todays tea snack

for biju

all you need is
lemon juice
green chili
red chili
cumin pwd
chaat masala

chana boiled with turmeric ,salt and hing

we also need
corriander leaves
spicy sev

first mix in all the spices with onion

add some lemon juice and keep aside for 5 min
the onion and the spices get mixed really well like this

then all u do is add the chana

check if the spice is right for u...
make sure its tangy,so if u want add in more chaat masala

serve immediately ! and munch away

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