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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Diwali Menu Ideas (Homemade Punjabi Thali) | Diwali Lunch/Dinner Ideas

Looks like a lot? Oh yes it is,but then don't we all deserve a wonderful Thali Meal for Diwali made in our very own kitchen? As always i cannot stress more on making even the most time consuming meal a fun filled time,and i say in cooking there is never a boring moment.

All these dishes are easy to prepare and will be perfect for your diwali lunch/dinner menu.Your family and guests will love them,i promise you.

And like last time when i posted my South Indian Thali  i wrote on how to prep things before.
Do read it if you missed that out.

Planning is a must so you still have that smile when you are ready to serve.
But then i warn you - Have this Punjabi Thali only if you are sure about having a good nap afterwards.
It is quiet a heavy meal,so try making this only on special occasions.
Recipes are below

Lets start from the left - Click to view the recipe

Punjabi Kheer

Punjabi Lassi Patiala

Paneer Butter Masala - Follow the same recipe of my Butter Chicken  and instead of chicken add Paneer.

Rajma (Kidney Bean Salad)

Langarwali Dal / Dal Makhani

Punjabi Kadhi Pakore

Jeera Pulao/Rice - Basmati rice tossed in whole spices and cumin,made in ghee or butter.

Laccha Paratha - Flaky Layered Parathas

  Hope this post helps you get ideas for your Special Diwali Lunch/Dinner Menu.
This is a very easy and Basic Homemade Punjabi Thali,and you may add more or less dishes to your liking.

Wish you all a Great Diwali !


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