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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pizza with Spinach and Cream Cheese| Spinach and Cream Cheese Pizza

Spinach Mini Pizza was our tea snack last evening..i always make pizzas with loads of veg but last evening it was just spinach and mushrooms ,and the taste was simply amazing.

This pizza topping is for cooks who are in a hurry and do not have time to make a sauce.
The spinach,mushroom and cream cheese together make a great combo and you wont miss the pizza sauce.
This is also a  great way to make fussy kids get some mushroom and spinach in their system.
 Here is the recipe for yummy pizza.

great for a party !

mini pizza base
cream cheese i use kiri
any shreaded cheese i use gouda

chop spinach and microwave for 1 min

you may use any seasoning..
im using garlic pwd
celery salt
italian seasoning
 It takes only 5 min to make the topping...Easy recipes = more time with Biju woo hoooo
saute mushrooms in olive oil and then add salt

add in spinach

all the herbs

for that creamy taste,i mix the cream cheese and the mushroom mix

all done

spread over the pizza base...
always add more you know what i mean right !

now microwave for 1 min

to finish off...
on a hot pan add in butter or oil and toast the base till brown

sent to kids lunch box recipes and Nithus Page

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