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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Cheese Alu Toast" OR "Cheesy Potato Toast Sandwich"

My favourite Potato Cheese Sandwich Recipe,used to eat this in santacruz(mumbai) during my ecced training,and the guy who made it added 2 cubes of amul cheese to make it cheese heaven..ohh god it was fantastic,his other speciality was schezwan cheese alu toast,now thats for another post !
Do try this simple street style alu toast for tea today !

by the way- he always used white bread,i used brown bread today !

serve with any kind of crisps

boil potatoes and season with
salt,pepper,chaat masala,green chili
corriander leaves

mash with a fork
then spread butter on 3 slices bread,spread the potato mix and
1 or 2 slice cheese in the middle
toast on a hot pan adding more butter

never skip the butter and add in lots of it(thats what i do)

this is what it looks after its toasted,cheese is all melted and perfect !
Serve hot with cold coffee or tea !

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