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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Quick and Healthy Delhi Alu Chaat (no deep frying)

 This dish is called Delhi Alu/Aloo Chaat.It is the Quickest Chaat you will make at home.
All you need is to keep your Chutneys(dips) ready and you are set to go.

So if you have left over boiled potato then plz try this non fried quick chaat !
No deep frying woo hooo


all you need is
boiled potato cut in chunks and made brown in a non stick pan
green chutney
sweet chutney
chaat masaa
moong daal for garnish

make sure all sides of the potato get crispy and a  light brown colour
sprinkle salt and chaat masala then dish out on a plate
garnish with chutneys and moong your done !!!

grab a bite
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