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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Extra Crunchy Corn Balls | Mahableshwar Makai Tikki Recipe | Spiced Corn Balls

I remember having the tastiest Corn Tikki (Corn Patty) in Mahableshwar,many years ago,today i thought of it and just had to make some,i remember asking the lady who cooked it about what she added in the corn.

Most of you know,i may forget the most imprtant thing,but never a recipe,and i was glad it tasted the same !
Ooo by the way i did make 2 changes fom the original recipe :

1.i added some extra crunch
2.i shaped them into tiny balls instead of the usual round tikki shape...

 sorry for the bad lighting,it was a very gloomy day.
i dare you,make some today,your gona love it
The amount of spices are to your taste and the proportion you make.
the few spices that go in are

corriander leaves

garlic,more the better

red chili pwd or flakes to taste

cumin seeds

green chili to taste


corn boiled with salt

corn flakes for extra crunch

bread crumbs or bread slice (i used bread crumbs)

drain and crush the boiled corn,do not make a paste
add the spices and pulse once
then remove from the blender and mix in salt and bread crumbs

form into balls or tikkis and coat with corn flakes
make sure to coat every bit..allow to rest 10 min

now fry till brown and crispy

serve hot ...and no ketchup needed its good on its own !

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  1. Crunchy corn balls look very tasty. Thanks for sending.

  2. thanks for the recipe :)


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