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Cooking videos in here
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Saturday, 9 June 2012

No Fry Bread Rolls / Cigars | Bread Cigars with Egg Filling | Pan Fried Bread Rolls

These No Fry Bread Cigars / Rolls which i stuffed with egg are so much healthier than the deep fried version .
It gets ready in no time and tastes amazing.Kids love this too.
Use any stuffing of your choice and enjoy these with ketchup.
I stuffed them with egg as it was for breakfast,but you can use cottage cheese,chicken,mix veg,spinach or just cheese and garlic.
The choice is yours,they are really yummy.Hope you try these !!

week end breakfast
oats - fruits and yummy egg rolls...

roll out a slice of bread with a rolling pin

scramble eggs with spices and onion,allow to cool

 after the eggs have cooled down,stuff them into the rolled out bread slice
 you can skip this step,but i always do it..
cover the rolled bread in kitchen towel or any napkin to secure from all sides
 after 15 min,add butter to a pan and lightly brown them...the bread with turn crispy and then its ready !!

there you go,it is ready !

looks ok???

Stuffed Bread Cigars are always a hit in any party,try the fried version next time with the filling of your choice,just make sure the oil is really hot and you secure the sides well so the stuffing does not come off.
Have fun eating these.


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