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Friday, 15 June 2012

Mushroom Pulao / Pilaf Recipe | Flavourful Mushroom Rice Cooked in Indian Spices

 When ever i make this Mushroom Pulao my husband says it reminds him of chicken pulao,you seriously will not miss a nice and Flavourful Chicken Pulao once you try this.

This pulao recipe is the best i have tried so far and with mushrooms and peas together it is a perfect match.

Easy and Flavourful Mushroom Pilaf / Pulao Recipe is below
do give it a try !

Start by boiling the peas with some salt..and chop the mushrooms..

For the masala paste-
blend 1 onion - ginger/garlic,green chili,cardamom,fennel seeds 1/2 tsp and some cumin seeds to a fine paste..

We also need-
bay leaf and pepper corns to temper the ghee (clarified butter)

pinch saffron mixed in milk

pulao masala 2/3 tsp..

First cook rice adding ghee and salt,then drain the water...allow to cool for 10 min before mixing in..

Lets cook
 - In ghee add the bay leaf,pepper corns and the masala paste,cook till light brown then add in the mushrooms and boiled peas.

Then add salt and pulao masala let it cook for 10 min,now add the saffron milk and cook another 5 min...gently fold in the rice.

Cover for 5/7 min before serving so the rice absorbs all the flavour..

It is ready now,to make this dish a hit try using good quality rice and saffron.

serve with some papad and pickle..
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