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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lal Mooli Dal | Red Radish and Lentils Gravy | Mooli Dal

Red radish and lentils together is a healthy option to a plain lentil dish.
With the red radish you get a unique flavour and also the colour of the radish with the yellow lentil is just amazing,my camera was acting odd so i couldn't get the best pic for you.

Do try out this simple Lentil (dal) with red radish.

Perfect with steamed rice

chop green chili ,onions and red radish

pressure cook moong daal with turmeric and grated ginger

in a pan add ghee,mustard seeds,cumin,hing,green chili.whole red chili and onion
saute 1 min then add1 tsp red chili and coriander pwd...cook and then add the radish
saute the radish for 5 min adding salt.. now add in the cooked daal...wait for a boil
and add 1 tsp jaggery and tamarind pulp...

finally add groundnuts and boil another 5 min..the daal must have a sweet and sour taste
now your done !!
 Another tasty dish with Lal Mooli (Red Radish) and Lentil (Dal)

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  1. Hi: Is this dal traditional in some part of India or is it your invention? If it is traditional, please tell what region it is from, and what is the name of the dish? Thanks!


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