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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Original Gujarati Kadhi Recipe | Authentic Gujarati Kadhi

I have been making kadhi from as long as i can remember and its only a few years back i got hold of this awsome recipe..After i made it the taste was exactly like kadhi from a gujarati thali restaurant and i always stuck to this recipe ever since.I call this the Original Gujarati Kadhi recipe.

Try it today your gona love it !
P.S- plz do not skip the whole spices as that is what gives this dish a wonderful aroma and taste !

super yum
  take 2 glasses buttermilk and to that add 3 tbs besan and blend well...
now transfer this to a pan( strain the mix) keep the heat low and cook 2/3 min-dont forget to stir..

it needs to be a smooth liquid
to this add 3 tbs sugar and 1 tbs salt-its important to keep the sweet more as it balances the flavour
and all kadhis are a bit sweet...
 after about 5/7 min of boiling its time to temper....
for the tempering use only ghee,to the heated ghee add mustard seeds,cumin seeds,fenugreek seeds and hing
to that add cloves,pepper corn and cardamom..then saute grated ginger-curry leaf and green chili...
saute for 1 min on low and pour on the boiling kadhi

cook for 10 min on low heat,and stir in doing this you get maximum flavour so
dont skip the 10 min heating step...
 Your Gujarati Kadhi is now ready,serve hot with rotli and rice.


  1. Wonderful presentation! You've represented your points quite well in this post. Not many people are focused enough to write this well. Thank you so much. This is a very good informative post with valid viewpoints. I agree.

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  2. Excellent, I was in hunt for a good kadi recipe and I think I will be making it this weekend, let you know soon.

    I always love steaming hot kadi and steaming hot white rice together. But have not made it together like this. And I'll be making this soon now.


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