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Friday, 22 September 2017

Chicken Dum Biryani | Easy Chicken Biryani

After a long long long absence I’m back with a great recipe for a very simple and aromatic chicken dum biryani that is fools proof.

Me and hubby decided to cook together and I’m glad we did as it turned out great.

I am calling this biryani better than the regular dum biryani as I found this recipe to be really mild, super flavourful and the chicken could not have been more tender and juicy, also this biryani will not leave you feeling stuffy once your done eating so it is a total winner.

Note : For best results marinate the chicken overnight for best results.

This is what you need :
1.5 kg chicken
1 kg basmati rice (this biryani is mild so the rice ration is perfect)
1/2 packet Shan Bombay biryani mix
2 tbs red chili powder
1 tbs Kashmiri red chili powder
3 tbs ginger/ garlic paste
1 cup fried onions
1/2 cup fried onions for the topping
1/2 cup cashews soaked overnight and ground to a paste (this is my secret ingredient)

Mix of whole spices
1/2 cup ghee for the chicken
1/2 cup ghee and 2 tbs milk mixed with saffron to add on top of the rice
few drops of kewra water
1/2 cup chopped coriander leaves
1/2 cup chopped mint
small bunch coriander
mint a handfull
 4/6 green chillies slit to  add on top of the rice while cooking
2 cups yogurt
salt to taste

Very sorry for the main dish pic, we were so excited that we ate half of it and then realised we forgot  to click the pic of the final product.

Imp tips :

1. Make sure you marinate the chicken in the same pot you will be making the chicken biryani in.

2. Soak the rice while you start chopping and frying the onions.

3. Do not compromise on the ghee, adding more ghee brings out the best flavour in the chicken and also the rice.

4. It is best to use your hands during marination so please do.
 Make holes with fork into each chicken piece so the marination penetrates into the chicken.

5.Stay focused.

6. Crack silly jokes while making biryani for best results.

Lets start !

Massage the chicken for about 2/3 min very well with the salt, wash well and then drain water completely.
In a big pot add the chicken, the biryani masala and red chili powder making sure the chicken is nicely coated.
Mix it well.

 Then he added ginger/garlic and the yogurt and salt.

The colour is a pale orange, don't be tempted to add more spices as this recipe is a mild version of the dum biryani. Allow the meat to rest (overnight)

 Next day remove the chicken out from the fridge and hour before so it comes to room temprature.
Now chop the mint and coriander.

 Soak the rice and also chop onions and fry the onions till golden.
All this takes about 15 to 20 min.

Now add the fried onions, ghee and mint /coriander mix to the marinated meat.

The same time you decide to cook the rice keep the pot with the marinated meat on the gas and cook covered on low. The chicken needs to be cooked a bit before adding the cooked rice.

Now its time to prepare the rice.

  Here’s the whole garam masala for the rice.

 Dry roast the whole spices with some salt before adding the water. This brings out an outstanding aroma to the biryani.

Fill the pot with water and wait for a boil, stand very patiently, it is all about timing guys !
After the water boils add the soaked and drained rice.

After boiling for 3/4 min check the gains, has to be 70 % cooked.

  If the rice over boils the dish is completely ruined be careful and keep a watch.

 After 5 min check again by pressing a few grains . They must be firm but 70% cooked.
 As soon as the rice is boiled you need to work really quick.

Drain the rice and then quickly spread it on top of the chicken thats being cooked.
Then drizzle the saffron, ghee, kewara and milk mix, the whole green chili , left over fried onion and the final step is to add the coriander and mint on top of the rice.
Make sure the whole pot is completely sealed so after you place the pot lid seal it with foil on the sides and then gave it another layer of foil wrap.

Place the pot on an iron pan so the bottom does not burn while cooking.

Hubby suggested we place a wet towel for the final dum preparation.
The foil and cloth method works beautifully in case you do not wish to make a dough to put on all the sides for dum.

 If the timing is messed up we will either have burnt biryani or uncooked chicken, so take care of the timing.

We cooked the biryani on dum for 5 min on medium heat and 20 min on low.
After cooking we gave it stand time of 20 min still covered.
~ Please give it a stand time when you try this recipe as it makes a world of a difference.

 The big reveal :
Hubby was very hungry so he couldn't wait to open it, the aroma was divine.

He also did the first taste test. OH ya it was the bomb.
Cheers !


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