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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Homemade Gujarati Thali | Gujarati Thali Meal | Easy Gujju Recipes

Just want you all to know this is not the Gujarati Thali i am used to having,i'm sure you all know a typical thali has more than 8 dishes,never less than that.

I just did not go all the way,and stuck to just 4 dishes for my Simple Gujarati Homemade Thali.

On most tuesdays i always end up making kichidi and kadhi but today i skipped the kichidi and made these  simple dishes instead !!

In todays Homemade Thali i made -

Chatpati Bhindi >Chatpati Bhindi
Gujarati Kadhi > Gujarati Kadhi
Aamras & Rotli>Aamras and Rotli
Lal Mooli Daal >Red Radish Lentils (Mooli Dal)
Steamed Rice and Chaas(spiced butter milk)  completed the meal..

Do try out a simple Gujarati Thali Meal like this if you cant manage to make all the other dishes.

Gujarati cuisine is very popular and a Gujarati Thali is must if you visit any Gujarati Restaurant.
Now try making a simple one like this in your own house.Its a lot of fun.

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