Cooking videos in here

Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Grilled Chicken Nuggets with Honey Mustard | Homemade Honey Mustard Chicken Nuggets

Perfectly grilled and almost fat free Honey Mustard Chicken Nuggets...
Check out my easy recipe you all...
Marinate cut chicken in yogurt
chili pwd
garlic powder
honey mustard paste
1 tsp tomato ketchup and crushed garlic

Overnight is very important for this ! the next day remove it and let it come to room temperature,then add 2/3 drops of oil in a very hot pan and brown for 5 min...
light brown colour see

now add in garlic pwd on top and its time to grill...
see how to make it fat free below

cover the baking tray with paper so there is no clean up for you
Use your ovens grill rack .Do not grill it on a baking tray
as you want all the fat to drip down.
 perfect right?

grill at 200c for 15 min...till crispy and done
 Grilling Chicken Nuggets are any day better than the fried version.Do do try this one out.

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Paneer Pyaaz Ka Paratha Recipe

Paneer and onion is a perfect combo for a paratha,i serve it with beetroot raita and its a perfect match..
Try out this Dhaba Style paratah and your gona love it !

beetroot raita- boil beetroot for 5 min,then grate and add to thick  yogurt,,
mix in salt-cumin pwd and 1 pinch your done !
for the stuffing
crumble paneer with your fingers then to that add chopped onion
green chili--coriander leaves--cumin seeds crushed--garam masala 1 pinch
chaat masala 1 tsp--red chili pwd 1 pinch and 1 tsp ajwain...
T.i.p-dont allow the mix to rest as the onion will leave out water,so hurry up and roll out quick !
mix it all well and stuff into the roti dough and roll out !
 This paratha tastes great with plain yogurt and pickle too,but still do try out the beet root raita ...

Masala Paratha Recipe

Masala Parathas are stuffed with a mixture of cumin pwd,onion,ajwain ,salt and little bit of coriander leaves..mix all this adding some ghee,then spread over the uncooked rolled dough and fold..roll it once again and cook adding lots of ghee or butter....
they turn out really soft

Bhuna Mushroom Masala | Bhuna Masala with Mushrooms

When we hear the term "Bhuna" it always makes us feel its going to take forever and ever right? yes its not your 10 min masala but with a little planning done all bhuna dishes can be made in no time....

once you make the onion tomato gravy(recipe on the link above) to that mix in fried onion paste
by now your masala paste will be a dark brown due to the fried onion paste

You need
chopped mushrooms
fried onion paste(fry onions till golden brown then blend with little water)
spice paste-1 tsp cardamom pwd
1 tsp garam masala
crushed cumin and corriander seeds
mix all the spice paste together in a small bowl

Now lets go back to making the mushroom bhuna masala
 add ghee -ginger/garlic and  the mix dry spice paste saute this for  5/7 min till the raw flavour of the spice are gone,now add in the mushroom and saute adding salt,coat the mushroom and let it release its water,cook till the water dries up and then add in the onion tomato paste with the fried onions
saute for 5-7 min make sure to not burn it..
 then add 1/2 cup water and check for seasoning cook covered for 10 min..
mushrooms will be cooked by now..
now your done serve with rotis or naan !!!

White Fish Cakes | Korean Fish Cakes | Korean Fish Recipes

Fish cakes ,noodle salad and soup is another one of my fave tv dinner,these Korean Style Fish Cakes are so easy to make and the taste is outstanding...Here goes the recipe.

Please note- after cleaning and chopping fish make sure to disinfect the counter and chopping board with hot water and soap..bleach is also great especially while handling chicken !

serve hot with chili sauce

we need-
half an onion
garlic cloves
lots of spring onion
carrot a small piece
green chili
bread crumbs
2 tsp flour
pepper to taste

white fish,any kind will do

step 1-blend the fish,onion,carrot,salt till you get a smooth paste(add a little water)
Step2- mix in the chili,green onion,pepper,flour and bread crumbs
let it marinate for 10 min,then shallow fry till brown and cooked

Monday, 28 May 2012

Stir Fried Sausage and Mushroom Noodles | Sausage and Mushroom Stir Fry

Have this as a snack, for lunch or dinner,and it keeps you feeling happy and full !!
Very simple to make too so do give  it a try !

Here's the recipe !

Boil any flavourd noodles of your choice.

in a pan saute chopped mushroom,bellpepper and sausage along with pepper..
I used turkey sausage,you can use any kind of your choice.

Saute for 5 min till everything is cooked,then add plum sauce-soy-vinegar and 1 tsp sugar + salt.

Sprinkle some water so everything is combined together.
Now add the noodles and toss..cover with a lid for 2 min..after 2 min shut off the flame and garnish with spring onions...its ready now.
do not over cook the mix

Sent to easy2cookrecipes by Shama who is hosting the Noodles Event

Stir Fried Green Beans in Indian Spices | Green Beans Sabzi | Phalli Sabzi

We all know how good beans are for us,and i feel on days when you decide to eat healthy its best to get some soup and stir fried veg in your system...

Today i made some Stir Fried Beans,no other veg just beans,and yes nooooo wayyy can i eat anything bland so i added a hint of spices in.

It was perfect and i feel good already !!
Here's how i make it....

serve with a big bowl of soup and your set !!
  cut beans and boil for 5 min adding salt ..

in a pan add olive oil,mustard seeds,hing and add the beans saute for 2 min then add chaat masala and coriander pwd
also a pinch turmeric...saute another 2 min ,Garnish with coriander leaves...and your done !!!

Indian Stir Fried Beans are ready

Tangy / Chatpata Chole | Tamatari Chole Masala

Tangy Chole is a recipe which gets ready in no time and is very different from the usual chole we are used to
Check my authentic chole recipe here >

 This quick dish  has that tangy & spicy flavour which is perfect for rotis,naan,puris and even rice...
   Do try out my way of making this dish and i hope you like it !

All you need is...
Chole(chickpeas) soaked overnight then boiled with whole garam masalas,salt and turmeric..
tomato puree 1/2 cup
chole masala 3 tbs
red chili pwd 1 tsp
ginger puree not paste 2 tsp
Tempering-cumin-garlic-onion and green chili

looks ok?

in oil or ghee saute ginger for 2 min then add chole masala and red chili pwd

saute the masala pwds for 2/3 min then add few drops water and wait for it to dry up
add the tomato puree and saute again for 3/4 add 1 cup water and salt and let it boil

after the chole is boiled for 10 min,smash a little bit then make a tempering
of hing -cumin-garlic-onion and green chili

add it to the chole and garnish with coriander leaves

serve hot with onion rings and lemon !

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kerala (Malabar ) Chicken Curry (Kerala Chicken Curry)

Here's the recipe for spicy mouth watering Malabari Chicken Curry,its my ultimate favourite dish..

Kerala style chicken (Malabar Chicken) curry is a spicy and aromatic chicken curry,this is usually eaten with Appam,Ghee rice and even Kerala style bread which is a bit sweet than the regular bread in other states.
Hope you guys try it some day!
marinate chicken with salt,red chili,turmeric and coriander pwd for 6 to 8 hrs
then add some oil in a pan and cook till light brown-50% cooked

for the spice paste
fennel seeds
coriander seeds
pepper pwd
cumin seeds
a bit of fenugreek seeds

add some oil and saute the spices with coconut till all the spices leave an aroma

grind all this to a paste adding little water
in another pan saute onions-ginger garlic-green chili and curry leaves
add red chili pwd and the spice paste,cook till the oil separates

then add in the chicken and saute for 5/7 min

now add salt,and 1 cup water and cover for 10 min till the chicken is cooked

after 10 to 15 make a tempering of
pearl onions,curry leaf and mustard seeds
also add in some kashmiri red chili for a red colour

pour over the cooked chicken curry and your done !!!

                                                              Sent to anuzhealthy kitchen

Batter Coated Sausage with Egg Fried Rice | Batter Coated Sausage Recipe

I saw this yummy Batter Coated Sausage recipe on a you tube channel and couldn't wait to try it,so quick and easy,very tasty too..

Try it for lunch some day,your gonna love it...

fried rice for lunch today

for the fried rice
soy to taste
rice vinegar
spring onions
saute garlic,then add beaten egg and mix in,cook it then add rice and soy along with vinegar
add salt, pepper ,sugar and garnish with spring onions..

now for the coated sausage recipe
you need
any sausage of your choice,i used turkey
cut then dust it with  flour

now dip in egg

cook till brown on both sides,you can use the left over egg to make the fried rice

i loved it

Onam Payasam (Parippu Payasam / Parippu Pradhman)

As always i simply love the Kerala Payasams my mama makes,and my favourite is Parippu Pradhaman.
Mama's Payasam always has the right texture and flavour.I wonder how she gets it perfect every time.

I made this Parippu Payasam thinking of her. It is very strange as till date i have never stood and watched her cook this Parippu Pradhaman in detail,all her recipes that i have tried until now have been made with the taste of her cooking floating in my mind,and it ends up the same,its my luck i'm sure..

Here's the recipe for this easy and wonderful Moong Dal Payasam/Kheer aka Parippu Pradhaman.

Please Note- This is not my mothers recipe !

for my mama !

For this you need 1 cup moong daal
jaggery- grated 1/2 cup
cardamom pwd 2 tsp
ghee 1/2 cup
In case you wanna skip the fresh coconut milk use tinned coconut milk
if you are health conscious - use 1 cup coconut milk and 1 cup water...

I always feel that these dishes are not made often so its always good to be generous while using the ingredients and not compromise on anything..
roast moong daal on a low heat till brown(not burnt)
it takes time so be patient

nuts-cashews-coconut cut in squares and rasins
1cup thin coconut milk
1 cup thick coconut milk

pressure cook the moong daal once roasted adding 2/3 spoons of ghee-1 whistle and remove the pressure quickly.

make sure the grains don't get mushy

the texture is very important in this dish,so be gentle when you mix.

also melt the jaggery adding 1 cup water

see how the grains are intact,that's what we need,mix in the melted jaggery
then add the thin coconut milk and boil on a low heat,keep stirring
add in the cardamom pwd now
if you feel the kheer is getting very thick add water to get the consistency you want..
after 10 min add in the thick coconut milk ..
 now for the tempering
saute all the nuts,coconut and pour over the kheer
Make sure to not over cook after the 2nd milk is added..

Now your done,Serve warm or cold !!

try it some day !
This Payasam is always a hit for Onam and Vishu.If you are making Kerala Style Payasam for the first time try this recipe,it is not that tough.Best of Luck.
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