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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Chutney Sandwich | Full of Flavour Chutney Sandwich | Green Chutney Sandwich

This is a Simple  Cucumber and Tomato Chutney Sandwich,its perfect for tea and so light,i can bet this will be a hit in your next tea party !!

Read on to see the recipe Indian Style Tea Party Sandwich

looks ok???

our snack for tea today

to make these sandwiches you need
cucumber 1
  green chutney 2 tsp >click the link below for  the green chutney recipe
brown bread (no white bread ever)
mayo 3/4 tsp

grate the cucumber and squeeze the water ,then mix
with mayo and green chutney..
add salt if needed

spread the mayo mix on a slice of bread and top with tomato

trim the sides and cut in mini sizes
now your finished
Chutney Sandwich is the most common Indian Lunch Box Snack and also the most eaten any time Indian Snack.You got to try it if you have never eaten this Humble Sandwich.
Serve it for your next Tea Party and Enjoy this Easy Chutney Sandwich.

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