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Cooking videos in here
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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kerala Egg Roast - Spicy Egg Roast Recipe

Spicy peppery Egg Roast is mostly eaten with appams or dosas for breakfast in most kerala homes,i made these today with ghee dosas and milky tea for breakfast...
This kind of breakfast keeps you full for a long time so cook up a light lunch...

you like?

saute ginger/garlic onions and green chili for 2 min
then add in corriander pwd and red chili pwd with some garam masala
saute for 2 min then add 1 `tsp pepper pwd(pepper is the highlight of this dish)

after cooking the onions and spices,add tomato puree and salt

saute till all the liquid dries up

add in 1/2 cup water then add in hard boiled eggs and cook covered for5/7 min

now your done,serve hot with dosas
Kerala Style Egg Roast is spicy and mouth watering,you just have to give this a try.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Best Red Velvet Cake Pics (sorry no recipe)

I got home and my sister baked the Best Ever Red Velvet Eake .
It was better than Magnolia Bakery (dubai mall) or any other place you get this yummy cake.
I am not joking,it was seriously fabulous.

I shall post the Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe soon !

Check out the pics you all,click thumps up if you also have awsome lil baby sisters just like my sis Bittu...
kiss kiss kiss kiss

This is how a Red Velvet Cake Must Look.
oh ya,it was too good
I know you want that !

Garlic and Mayo Potatoes | Cajun Potato Appetiser | Creamy Mayo Garlic Potato

Check out my recipe for garlic mayo potatoes!

you can never go wrong with potatoes

my youngest sis Reshu visited us yesterday and we got very busy after lunch,now being busy also makes us very hungry,so this is what i made for glad Bittu and Reshu liked it...
 here's the recipe
cut potatoes in chunks then boil them adding salt and some chili pwd,

 once cooked drain them and then shallow fry on a non stick pan till brown
for the sauce we need mayo and a few seasonings- oregano,red chili,pinch garam masala and any brand cajun spice mix.also some coriander to garnish (optional)

 the chili fakes and white pepper pwd is used to garnish the dish in the end
in the pic i have already mixed in the garlic paste(about 5/6 cloves) and mayo,to that add the seasonings

pour the mayo garlic sauce over the potatoes
and then garnish with chopped onions and  sprinkle chili flakes and some pepper.....
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Monday, 26 March 2012

"Drumstick And Potato Curry" ~ "Drumstick Recipes"

Here is another yummy Drumstick recipe with Potato...Serve it with rice,yogurt and is super yum !!

Start by cutting potatoes in chunks and soak them in water,then peel and cut drumstick,soak in water for 10min..okie now its time to cook !

make some today

in ghee add mustard seeds,cumin,green chili,hing and curry leaf
saute for a min then add onions..saute 2/3 min then add red chili,turmeric and corriander pwd

blend tomato with ginger/garlic and green chili,add it to the masala
add salt and let it cook till oil separates,stir in between

now add potato and drumstick and coat with the masala paste,then add 1 cup water
and pressure cook for 2 whistles

now all you do is garnish with coriander leaves and your done !

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Best Palak Murg Masala | Saag wala Murg Masala | Chicken Saagwala in Pressure Cooker

Seriously this recipe is too good and gets ready in no time,i tried it after reading the description in the menu of a restaurant..
eg-chicken cooked in a spice mix of coriander~garlic~green chili, then mixed in with a few spices etc etc etc you got it ? thats how i managed to create this recipe .

I just loved the taste of this dish,you gotta try it.The aroma is outstanding !!

Chicken Saagwala cooked in a Pressure Cooker

looks yummy?

blend,garlic,green chili and corriander leaves and keep aside

now in ghee(no oil plz) saute this green paste
also add in bay leaf,cardamom and cloves
cook for 5 min

after 5 min saute onions and add in finely chopped spinach
red chili,corriander pwd,pepper pwd and chicken masala pwd
let all this cook for 10 min on low..

after 10 min add in chicken,salt and raisins and saute-a good 10 min(yes 10 min for that extra yummy taste)
also add 1 tsp kasuri methi and pressure cook for 2 whistles or more
no water should be added

this is what it looks like once its done !
hope you give it a try !

Red Chicken Curry Recipe / Mom's Chicken Curry | Quick Desi Chicken in Red Gravy / Curry

I usually make chicken gravy that is thick and creamy,and most of the time i make it semi dry..
A few days back Biju asked me why dont i ever make a basic chicken curry with a loose
gravy to be eaten with rice and thats when i decided to make this quick and sorta wattery( rasa wala for an Indian term) chicken's my recipe

some times the layer of oil is good for you !
cant watch your diet all the time can you?

add a good amount of oil in a pressure cooker
saute ginger/garlic,curry leaf,green chili and onion  for 5 min
now add in coriander pwd,turmeric,garam masala pwd and red chili (extra if you can take it)
saute on low then add 1/4 cup water to cook the spices and the oil separates

add in tomato puree and saute for another 5 min
add in salt and the chicken(marinated in yogurt ofcourse)
saute 2/3 min then add 2 cups water and pressure cook

there you go,its ready now !
serve with rice or  laccha paratha

The perfect and tastiest Mom's Chicken Curry is ready !

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Best Shankarpali Recipe | Shakkar Para for Festivals

Shankarpali/Shakkarpara is made during Diwali and other Indian festivals.Nothing beats a bowl of shakkarpaare with a cup of tea, ,its heaven.I call it the "Indian Cookie" as its melt in the mouth,so light and very delicioooooooooo,but only if you make it right.

Adding the right amount of ghee and sugar is very important,by doing this you will have melt in the mouth shakkarpare everytime.

This is by far the best recipe for shankarpali i have tried..and its a must try !

 For best results use powdered sugar and the best quality ghee you can get.
t.i.p > use equal proportion of ghee,sugar and milk.

you need
same proportion of ghee,sugar and milk

1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup ghee
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp semolina
1 pinch salt
1 or 2 cardamom

heat all this together till you get a beautiful golden liquid
P.s> remove the cardamom pod,before making the dough

for this there is no exact amount of flour that goes in
add little at a time till you get a semi soft dough
 approx 1 1/2 cups of flour will go in.

looks like a paste? don't panic,add more flour till you get a semi soft dough

finally the dough is ready !
add some ghee on top of the dough and allow to rest 30 min(not more)
 The rolling of the dough is the important part,do not roll it thin,keep it thick.

cut in strips,diamond shape or stars like i did
it is totally your choice

 make sure you fry them on low heat,they need to get brown evenly.

 I think stars are the perfect shape for diwali.
Cool them completely,and eat away.Store them in an air tight box for later.

Happy Diwali you all,hope you try these !

Ginger and Garlic Flavoured Rice | Garlic and Ginger Tempered Rice

We are used to having biryanis,pulaos,kichidis,ghee rice,tomato rice and so many other rice varieties right?
But have you ever tasted a ginger/garlic rice before? If not give it a shot..Its damn good,serve it with spicy daal ,onion omelet and your seriously gonna love it..

When ever you serve this it might look like plain rice,but once your family tastes it they will get a big surprise as it is packed with flavour and also the aroma is amazing.

For best results make sure to not brown the garlic and ginger and also this dish tastes best if the garlic and ginger is not made into a fine paste.

Mouthwatering Ginger and Garlic Flavoured Rice

looks like regular steamed rice,but its very flavourful

saute about 5/6 cloves of garlic(more is fine too) with
small piece of ginger,curry leaf and green chili in ghee for 2 min

add in salt cook another not brown the mix
mix in cooked rice and cover so all the flavours are combined

give it a try
It tastes so good.This dish is a hit in my house,hope your family loves it too.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Healthy Chana Sprouts - Malvani Sprouts Masala

My way of making sprouts masala,extra spicy so beaware !
Malwani Masala was spicy but so delecious

this is how the sprouts look after cooking in pressure cooker
let the chana sprout for 2 days
washing it well after 8 hrs..then pressure cook for 1 whistle adding salt and little water
for the masala >
saute mustard seeds,cumin onions and ginger garlic,curry leaf  and green chili for 2 min,then add spicy red chili and garlic masala (malvani masala)
cook 2 min then add tomatoes and cook till soft ,now add salt and the sprouts
add water and cook covered for 10 min
 More info on Malvani Masala @ Niyas world

now finaly garnish with corriander leaves

Methi Murg Masala | Chicken Cooked with Fenugreek Leaves | Chicken Methi Recipe

I made this today for lunch and it was ready in 20 min...Its super easy,and you dont need to do the usual (bhuno) that we are used to for chicken currys ,serve this dish with naan or roti and lunch is done !
 For some extra green you can mix fenugreek and spinach together too..

not bad eh?

for the marination
fenugreek leaves 1/2 cup
corriander pwd
red chili pwd
chaat masala~use powders to your taste
chicken (boneless) marinated in yogurt and salt 1 hr

mix all the powders and fenugreek leaves with the chicken and leave in the fridge for 2 hours

in ghee or butter saute onions and ginger garlic
cook 2 min then add chicken and saute till light brown

add water and cook till tender and the water has dried up a bit
i added water to my blending jar that i used to make ginger/garlic

add 2/3 tsp yogurt and cook on low heat for 5 min,check in for salt and adjust to taste..
finally add garam masala and corriander leaves...Now your done !
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