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Cooking videos in here
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Friday, 15 June 2012

Egg White Scramble with Mushroom and Turkey | Turkey Sausage with Mushroom and Egg Whites

I never make a full english breakfast,thats something me and hubby enjoy eating once in 2 months on weekends from out...

Keeping the full english breakfast in mind,i make this dish which has sausage,eggs and mushrooms for brunch...Its great to get your energy going after a late night !

apple and kiwi juice - egg scramble - oat falkes and toast was our brunch today
  lets start
saute onion,mushroom and sausage in olive oil,add salt and pepper and cook

after the sausage and mushroom is cooked,beat eggs( i used only whites)adding salt
pour over the sausage and mushroom mix and cook on low heat,you can scramble or flip its your choice...
serve with buttery toast and have a great morning !

try it some day

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