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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Jal-jeera Indian Mocktail | Homemade Jal-jeera | Indian Lemonade with Spices |

Most Indians prefer having a Jal-jeera along with their spicy meals,the sweet and spicy combo of Jal-jeera helps digest the food and keeps your tummy cool,all in all it is a really Awesome Mocktail to have.

It is Minty - Sweet - Salty with a hint of spice.Totally yum !

I had a friend visit me for lunch and i made this for her,when your girl friend is home you got to jazz up your glass so i made it look cute..and you all know i adore "cute".

Here's the recipe for a Indian Style Mocktail which is also served as a Drink Appetiser in most restaurants.

For Homemade Jal-jeera (restaurant style)
Start with the spice mix each 1 tsp each -
ginger pwd -cumin pwd -black salt -mint leaves -lime juice- mango pwd - salt -pinch sugar
 In a jar crush the mint leaves with the spices add water and chill in the fridge for an hour..
Before using strain it..

t.ip-plz chill before serving,it helps the drink get a great kick..

 Mocktails must have a great presentation too so jazz up your glass before serving..

dip the glass rims in water and then dip in a bowl with brown and white sugar..
See how pretty they look,as you take a sip of the spice water you get a sweet taste from the rims..
In Margaritas we rim with salt here we use sugar..So damn simple.

Indian Mocktails are full of wonderful flavours and they have an edgy taste.
If you wish to serve a unique drink appetiser then impress your guests with this drink.They will love it.

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