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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Onam Payasam (Parippu Payasam / Parippu Pradhman)

As always i simply love the Kerala Payasams my mama makes,and my favourite is Parippu Pradhaman.
Mama's Payasam always has the right texture and flavour.I wonder how she gets it perfect every time.

I made this Parippu Payasam thinking of her. It is very strange as till date i have never stood and watched her cook this Parippu Pradhaman in detail,all her recipes that i have tried until now have been made with the taste of her cooking floating in my mind,and it ends up the same,its my luck i'm sure..

Here's the recipe for this easy and wonderful Moong Dal Payasam/Kheer aka Parippu Pradhaman.

Please Note- This is not my mothers recipe !

for my mama !

For this you need 1 cup moong daal
jaggery- grated 1/2 cup
cardamom pwd 2 tsp
ghee 1/2 cup
In case you wanna skip the fresh coconut milk use tinned coconut milk
if you are health conscious - use 1 cup coconut milk and 1 cup water...

I always feel that these dishes are not made often so its always good to be generous while using the ingredients and not compromise on anything..
roast moong daal on a low heat till brown(not burnt)
it takes time so be patient

nuts-cashews-coconut cut in squares and rasins
1cup thin coconut milk
1 cup thick coconut milk

pressure cook the moong daal once roasted adding 2/3 spoons of ghee-1 whistle and remove the pressure quickly.

make sure the grains don't get mushy

the texture is very important in this dish,so be gentle when you mix.

also melt the jaggery adding 1 cup water

see how the grains are intact,that's what we need,mix in the melted jaggery
then add the thin coconut milk and boil on a low heat,keep stirring
add in the cardamom pwd now
if you feel the kheer is getting very thick add water to get the consistency you want..
after 10 min add in the thick coconut milk ..
 now for the tempering
saute all the nuts,coconut and pour over the kheer
Make sure to not over cook after the 2nd milk is added..

Now your done,Serve warm or cold !!

try it some day !
This Payasam is always a hit for Onam and Vishu.If you are making Kerala Style Payasam for the first time try this recipe,it is not that tough.Best of Luck.

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