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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Homemade Bengali Bhog Food | Kichuri and Labra | Durga Puja Recipes

Every year for Durga Puja there used to be Pandals in every street corner where i lived.

Me and my lil sis always had just one thing in mind and it was trying out the food..We both used to relish the Muglai Parathas,Fish Fry and The Chicken Chop what fun and so tasty.

In the mornings the food was simple,tasted so pure and they served Kichuri and
 Labra(Mix Veg).I tried making it,and it turned out great.

In my search i came across many recipes for Labra,but i choose this one as it had mustard paste and i was right, it did give out a great aroma and authentic flavour to the dish.
i say try this one for a true Bengali Bhog Experience.

For the veg i used - frozen mix veg-beans,peas and carrot.I also used bringal,potato,pumkin and cauliflower.Use can also use yam,drumstick and even spinach.

a must for this dish
Panch phoran and mustard paste(mustard pwd mixed with water)

Start by adding mustard oil,if you wana skip using mustard oil its okay,you can use regular oil too.I know some of you do not like the aroma of this oil.

Temper with Panch phoran,dried red chili then add grated ginger now add the mix veg and saute adding salt,turmeric after 2 min add mustard paste and saute for another 2/3 min..

Cover for 5 min and cook,the taste of this dish according to me is the flavour of the veg stuck at the bottom(the brown bit) its called Charchari,scrape it and again saute,now add sugar,it should be a bit sweet as the flavours blend together.

Cook covered for 10 min till soft then to finish add Bengali Garam Masala - for this grind equal quantities of cinnamon - cardamom and cloves.

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  1. I distinctly remember sorse bata in my grand ma's labra. Googled it and landed here. Just the recipe I was looking for and perfectly fitted to my weight loss diet. Cheers.

    P.S-The pictures-<3
    Even I like less saag in mine


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