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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

How to make Paani Puri | Gol Gappe for Ramadan | Best Paani Puri / Poori Recipe

Being a mumbai girl i love chaats and Paani Puri is my favourite of them all.

I decided to make some and promised myself that i will make everything from scratch,although making the puris made me a bit nervous thinking if the puris will puff up or no.

They did,once the nervous feeling went,some how the vibes get into the cooking so never be scared of trying anything new ..
In the end i felt really proud,and i couldn't stop talking about it,i know silly me.

you got to make it,its super fun !

 Serve it in short glasses filled with the spicy water and stuffed puris on top..

These are the - Common stuffing's used in paani puris
boiled potatoes -sprouted moong steamed with salt ~ boondi soaked in water and squeezed~black channa(boiled with salt) ~ mini peas(boiled with salt and turmeric) ~boiled and mashed white peas.

For the spicy/sweet water
1 cup mint leaves
2 chilies or more to your taste
3 tbs tamarind paste
3 tbs lemon juice
1 tsp black salt
1 tsp salt or more
1 tsp ginger powder
1 pinch hing
1 tbs roasted cumin pwd
1 tsp sugar
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
4 cups water or more its all to your taste..grind all this and strain..and chill until serving..

For the chutneys - My Sweet Chutney Recipe and My Green Chutney Recipe

I managed only getting this for the puris,keeping safety in mind i dont wana risk anything while deep frying..

1/4 cup flour,use all purpose only -3/4 cup semolina - water as you knead the dough - salt 1 tsp
Follow the same recipe and i promise you perfect puris..knead the dough and keep covered for 10 min
then all you do is roll out and with a cutter and make circles and all you do is fry them till light brown.
Cover the dough so it wont dry out when you make the puris...

We had steamed sprouted moong as the topping..Loved it..

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