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Cooking videos in here
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Monday, 9 July 2012

Zucchini Pancakes | Healthy Zucchini Snack Recipes

This is a savoury pancake made with zucchini and you can spice it up with any kind of seasoning..
After making it a couple of times this recipe tastes the best..hope you all give it a try..

chop the zucchini and marinate in the spices for 10 min
once thats done make a smooth batter with the flours and add in the chopped marinated zucchini

As this is a healthy pancake no white flour goes in.

I used 1 cup wheat flour and 2 tbs chickpea flour..
spices - chili flakes - whole cumin seeds - small onion chopped - hing -green chili's to taste and salt

Cook on a non stick pan till light brown..Now your done,serve warm with yogurt or ketchup as a dip !

Sent to VFAM - Zucchini Event ..Event Hosted by Priya

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