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Cooking videos in here
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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Gujarati Poha (Bateta Poha) | Gujarati Breakfast Thali Meal | Bateta / Potato Poha

Gujarati Poha Recipe

For this platter i served White Dhokla - Sev - Mango and Potato Poha
 For Potato Poha -

Poha - 2 cups - Beaten rice flakes
Potato 1 small,cubed
chop half an onion
2/3 green chilis
ginger grated - 1/2 tsp
peanuts - handful
sugar 2 tsp
curry leaf 10/12
lemon juice 1 tsp
1/2 tsp hing
turmeric pwd 1 tsp
red chili 1 tsp
cumin seeds 1 tsp
coriander leaves
sesame seeds 1 tsp - optional
coconut - optional

Start by washing the poha,allow to drain.Then temper ghee or oil with cumin,curry leaf,green chili,hing,ginger and add in the peanuts,saute for 1 min,then add the onions,salt,turmeric,red chili,sugar and cook till soft,now add in the cubed potato and cook till soft,once the potato is cooked gently mix in the poha saute for 2/3 min and then cook covered for 2 min so everything gets well combined and it cooks in the steam.After opening the lid,add in the lemon juice and sesame seeds.
Garnish with coconut and coriander leaves and now your done !


  1. Please have a re-look at instructions....mentions (1) Instead of Cumin it should be mustard (rai) (2) There is no garnishing by coconut but is mentioned.

    However the pics are lovely :)


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