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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Durga Puja Kichuri | Bengali Bhog Kichuri Recipe | Kichuri Recipe

Kichuri and Labra are two dishes eaten as Bhoger Food,also known as Pujor Bhog.
This recipe for Kichuri is the best i have tried and it tastes perfect and special every time i make it.
But i must admit that nothing can taste as good as the actual bhog food you get in the pandals.
 Follow the exact recipe and you will be pleased.

equal rice + moong daal -eg 1 cup
usually we use 2 cups water for 1 cup rice+ daal,but for this kichidi add 3 cups water(to make it watery)
 Roast moong daal till light brown and keep aside,roasting the daal is not to be skipped for this dish.

spice 1
whole red chili
green chili
cumin seeds
grated ginger
bay leaf

spice 2
bengali garam masala
cumin pwd
turmeric pwd

>Saute all the spice 1 in ghee,then add in the spice 2 mix and saute for 2 min,do not brown it.

Now add the roasted moong daal and rice and add water.Pressure cook for 4 whistles.

Once its done the dish will be watery,that is what we want.Before serving top with more ghee..

serve with Labra/Mix Veg

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