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Cooking videos in here
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Friday, 15 July 2011

Best Tomato Rice Recipe

I make this when lunch needs to be made real quick,so easy and its got all the flavours,tangy,spicy and a hint of sweetness...Now you must be thinking why does this dish not look red,its cos i dont add too many tomatoes,if you want the red colour double the amount,i prefer adding just 2 in my recipe.
      lets cook..

cumin 1 tsp
cloves 3/4
turmeric 1tsp
red chili 2 tsp
1 cinnamon

you also need
curry leaf 5/10
lemon cut
onion 1/2
chicken or veg cube
garlic 4/6
cashews 5/8
tomato 2

blend the garlic and tomato adding very little water

tomatos are all blended

add oil or ghee,i add ghee and saute all the ingredients except the red chilli and turmeric

add in chicken or veg cube along with cut lemon slices

now add in the spice powders

saute till the spices are cooked through

time to add the paste now..keep a low flame

it  looks like a soup,so this needs to dry up

add a pinch of sugar and salt
tip-sugar gives a balance to any dish ,so add in a pinch..

cover with a lid,and let it cook on a low flame

ahhh all the liquid has dried up...looks good already

gently add in the rice...

stir...very very gently

and now its done...serve with corriander leaves....

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