Cooking videos in here

Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mexican Style Bean Rice | Mexican Rice with Beans

The Best Flavourful Mexican Bean Rice

   Its really easy to make this dish....prep a day before by soaking the beans and cook the rice...i used fava and kidney to soak them overnight..after soaking they bulge in size, boil or pressure cook them adding salt..,i pressure cook legumes and beans as it saves time ..

For the spices -
mexican seasoning - garlic - white onion - tomato roughly crushed - chicken(optional) - chili flakes - 1 pinch sugar - salt

To cook
Saute onion and garlic till pink,add in the mexican seasoning and saute for a min,now add in chicken and the drained beans saute for 2/3 min and add the tomato.

Add salt and 1 pinch sugar...cook covered for 5 min and then add in the cooked rice...coat the rice with the mix and add the chili flakes...

Its ready now ! before serving add some dried parsley...You will love it Chicas...

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