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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Batter Fried Fish in Garlic Butter | Garlic Butter Fish | Crispy Fish in Garlic Butter Sauce

Batter fried fish tossed in garlic butter is a must try for fish lovers,the taste is buttery with a bit of crunch from the coating and then the garlic and pepper makes the taste mouthwatering.
If it sounds so tempting imagine the taste.we loved it...

Try some today!!

it was crispy and so buttery !
 For this recipe

Use any white fish,wash it 2/3 times,cut in cubes or any way you like..
marinate with crushed garlic
salt and soy..
15 min is enough to marinate it!

Now for the batter - cornflour-salt-pepper-1 tsp flour,mix these with little water till smooth...
coat the fish and fry..when your frying these make the mix to toss the fish in..

For the Perfect Garlic Butter Sauce recipe
butter - garlic -coriander leaves - spring onions..chili flakes...
melt the butter and immediately add the garlic and not brown it..then add in the coriander and spring onions..1 tsp water and cook 1 min...toss the fish in and then your done ! serve with some lemon !!

spice mix

oh ya !!!

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