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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Funky Looking Mocktails (electric shock mocktail) | Neyon Coloured Mocktails

This is one super funky and Crazy looking Mocktail which you will love.
It has that Neyon colour feel to it and if you are in the mood for something electric then give it a shot.

Try it for your next party and it will be a hit,i promise you that.

p.s. - please don't hate on me bartenders.i know this recipe seems ridiculous,but it tasted great.
do give it a try some day !
raspberry flavor syrup or grenadene
Sprite or 7up mixed with 1 tsp lemon juice
blue gatorade or any blue drink mix
flutes or any glass of your choice

Lets start mixing -
fill your glass with few ice cubes and pour some grenadene at the bottom of your glass
then add in the blue gatorade,pour it slowly
finally pour the sprite mix on top
stir with a cute cocktail stirr stick before drinking

So there your Funky Mocktail is ready,have a sip !

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