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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Homemade Indian Chaat Dishes (Making Chaat at Home)

I did not serve these home made assorted chaat dishes in a Thali (platter) as i wanted to show 1 portion each of these Tasty Chaat Dishes.

We had this for our weekend dinner and we were totally full,i know it looks like a lot,but you can gobble this up if you skip tea..It was super fun and super yum.

You can make this all into a cute platter by keeping 3 pieces each of the chaats and 1 piece batura chole.

Important : The falooda has to be in a big glass or else its not worth the effort.

  How to plan on making a Assorted Chaat Platter (thali) at Home?

 For this Homemade Chaat Feast don't stress your self the same day,so make the paani puri water a day before,and do not forget to soak and then boil the chole,you can cook it the same day..

The Ragda Pattice Tikki can also be made a day before and wrapped in the fridge,you can fry it the same day...Prepping things before helps you relax when you make any kind of platter,so please do it.

 Here is my recipe for Paani Puri

Recipe for Chole Puri or Chatpata Chole
View my Ragda Patties recipe

       Sev Puri >I forgot to click a pic of the sev puri chaat,all you do is top a papdi puri with boiled potato and top with sweet and green chutney,sprinkle sev and coriander leaves on top..
Last finish off with chaat masala..

                 For Falooda
Soak basil seeds (sabza) till they swell..then boil milk with cardamom and sugar to taste,add super fine vermicelli to it till they turn soft,now cool this,you can add any kind of essence of your choice too.

Then take a tall glass and pour some roofza in the bottom,put 1 tsp of sabza and vermicelli milk over the roofza and 1 scoop of ice cream,pour the rest of the chilled milk on top and another scoop of icecream,then garnish with almond slices.

Now your done making tasty falooda ! Have fun eating it.

Few other chaat options for you to try

Do try this Homemade Chaat Platter,its really easy if you plan it out..Hope you try it some day.

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