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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fun Ways To Serve Mango for a Party |

Here is a great way to serve mango for your next party !

Forget the mango cheese cake,mango mousse,mango cake,and not to forget mango milkshake just for today, and try this recipe.
I bet you this will be your favourite way to eat our beloved mango after trying this 2 min recipe...
 Party Mango Recipe
Mango >  best to use alphanso

Spice mix a pinch each
chaat masala,if you cant find chaat masala no problem,it still tastes good...

Start by cutting the mango in half and make cuts into the fleshy part,now bring out the cut fleshy part out so they protrude out and the squares are all you do is sprinkle the spice mix on top and serve !

 So if you wish to serve Mango for your party then give this a try !!

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