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Cooking videos in here
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Friday, 6 July 2012

Peach Vanilla Icecream Pops | Peach and Kiwi Icecream Pops

You might think its so much easier to get some ready Kiwi or Peach icream but trust me after making this you wont regret the store brought iceream..A fun recipe and very yummy.
It is also a Kid Friendly Recipe.So make this with your darlings !

Get ready to melt some vanilla recipe and try this.

bad lighting..very sorry

Start by keeping some vanilla icecream out on your counter till melted...
Then you chop some fruits,you can also puree them...i kept them in tiny bits..

i used kiwi and peaches..dont forget to peel them before you use them...

after chopping the fruits mix them in the melted vanilla icecream..make sure you put some fruits in the sides of the freeze them for 4-6 hours...then your done !
its important you share this with some one you love..dont eat it all alone !

can you see the bits of kiwi?

 cute right????

they are ready after 4 hours in the fridge
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